Pop culture is making the way to entertainment and music through K-Pop. K-Pop or Korean pop culture, has become a multi-billion dollar business that is taking the world on a frenzied spree. With the world economy nearing the point of falling apart, K-Pop is at the top of the list as a method of entertainment that appeals to the masses.

Today, the most talked about topic the news all around the worldis Korea GQ’s BTS.

What’s BTS?

You must be aware of BTS do you? If not, let us to inform you about BTS. BTS is the most popular boy group on the planet currently. BTS means Bangtan Boys. The K-Pop boy group that hails from South Korea is ruling the world of Pop music and culture today.

The group was formed in 2010and, finally they began their career in 2013 under the brand name that was owned by Big Hit Entertainment. They’ve released more than 200 tracks and more than 10 albums in total. Through time, they’ve won numerous records and prizes during their Billboard Music awards.

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Members and More

BTS is a boy group with seven members.

  • RM is the group’s leader and singer, rapper as well as a record producer.
  • Jin is the vocalist as well as the songwriter, and is the oldest member of the group.
  • Suga is a record producer, rapper and rapper.
  • J-hope is among the most popular rappers, dancers and music writers.
  • Jimin is a professional dancer, songwriter and singer.
  • V is a vocalist, dancer and Songwriter.
  • Jungkook is the youngest member, principal singer, and dancer.

With their main areas of rapper and vocalist All members are talented and stylish dancers. Jungkook and J-hope also compose their routine dances.

Korea GQ BTS

Recently, Magazine Korea GQ accidentally published a few photos from their BTS’s photoshoot in January. After the pictures were released without intention, and before the actual publication, the fans are awestruck. They’ve received all kinds compliments for their style and looks.

The photoshoot was done in cooperation together with Vogue as well as Korea GQ. Being the largest boy group in the world means that they have the most insane and huge fan base. The BTS fan base BTS has been referred to as the ‘Army’. They dressed in Louis Vuitton for the shoot.

People love them all over the world due to the fact that they are not only beautiful they have an enthralling heart and clean souls. With Korea GQ , BTS has spoken about their the humility they have shown for what they accomplished today in an interview. They also discussed how every one of them was feeling about the recognition they achieved and their individual personalities.


It’s not the first time that BTS or any other thing has been viral within a short time. They’ve been on the top of the charts for several years but they are now. BTS has become an international phenomenon and we’ve witnessed its popularity grow over time. The photos were released by accident and not in time.