Are you seeing an error in Konosuba’s wonderful days? Today, we will show you how to correct this error.

This game is quickly gaining popularity and players from all over the globe, as well as Indonesia, have already pre-registered to take part in this exciting new game.

Although the developers and publishers have done everything to make the game amazing, many bugs, glitches, or errors still need to be addressed quickly. This is because registered gamers are not enjoying the game. Stay with us in this Konosuba error 80001 to ensure an error-free game experience.

What’s the error?

The Konosuba amazing days was released on August 19, and is considered to be one the most eagerly awaited RPG titles right now. Additionally, it received one million+ pre-registrations prior to its official release.

Our study revealed that gamers often experience multiple errors and glitches. But this article will focus on error 80001, also known as the “irritating” error. It was about timed out. You don’t have to be the one going through this. This article will assist you in having an error-free experience using this new RPG.

What is Konosuba Fantastic?

Nexon’s newest RPG, this konosuba fabulous day, was published in late 2017. It is an RPG based on the manga Kono Subarashii Sekai. This online RPG has the gacha and card games; the battle will be done in real time, although it will be automated.

Gamers vented their frustrations on the comments box for the play store. Some complained that they couldn’t access the game and others said they got a blank screen when they opened the game.

How can I fix Konosuba Error 8001?

As mentioned, this game received millions of pre-registration prior to its launch. When gamers try to launch this game from their smart phones on the floor, they encounter this error.

We will now tell you how to solve this problem. Simply switch your internet connection from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data, and you’re done. This is simple. It’s possible because we did it ourselves. For more information, please read the Konosuba Error80001.

Before we conclude this news, let’s first ask if you’ve ever heard of this issue before. If yes, how was your experience? According to our research, millions of gamers had already registered for the game.

Final verdict

We are happy to inform Konosuba fans that they have identified the problem and will be rectifying it soon.

We are requesting our readers to review this article in order to launch the game on their smartphones.