If you are planning on losing weight, there are so many ways that you could do it safely and more effectively. They are customized to your needs and your goals as your doctor takes your body type into consideration. That is what  Sculpt Away weight loss programs in San Antonio do. 

How do weight loss programs work in San Antonio?

Weight loss programs combine both food and exercise that is personalized for you, aiming to help you focus on your health overall and fix your lifestyle habit. When you are looking for a weight loss program that is for you, you need to look for one that would help you promote more healthy behaviors that would help you safely lose weight efficiently and effectively. 

What You Need To Know About Weight Loss Program 

1. Reasonable weight loss expectations

When you are looking for weight loss programs, you have to look for programs that would help you lose a pound a week because these are more sustainable in the long run. When you choose to do weight loss programs that guarantee you to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time, then it could lead you to feel frustration and you would end up completely giving up when you do not reach it.

2. A diet that fits with your preferences

Choosing a weight loss program that includes a diet that you actually enjoy would be the most preferable so you are sure that you would be able to stick with the diet that was given and you could stick with the program much longer.

Plant-based and flexitarian diet

The most popular diets that are plant-based are vegetarianism and veganism. This diet promotes the restriction of consuming animal products due to health, environmental, and ethical reasons. So you could be getting your protein from plants, eating mostly fruits, wheat grains, vegetables, and legumes, consuming the least processed products, and limiting your consumption of sugar and sweets.

Mediterranean diet

When you are working with a Mediterranean diet, it is based on nutritional benefits and sustainability. So you would usually eat food that has vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, olive oil, nuts, and lentils. Other food like eggs, dairy, and poultry would be eaten in moderation.

MIND diet

There really is no strict meal plan when you go on the MIND diet, but you are going to be encouraged to eat 10 specific foods that would help you with your brain. You are going to need to eat 6 or more servings of vegetables, one serving of non-starchy vegetables, and five or more servings of nuts a week. 


The WW diet used to be known as Weight Watchers where, depending on the calorie, fiber contents, and fats of the food, they are going to be assigning you different foods and beverages that you are going to have to follow in a point system.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, is when you are going to restrict your time on when you are allowed to eat. Doing this diet would help you with your calorie intake, but you have to make sure that you do not eat too much food during your eating window.

3. Focus on changing both eating and activity patterns

Just increasing your physical activity is not enough to achieve your weight goal, you are also going to have to combine them with dietary changes to make it more effective. This would be able to help you maintain your weight.

4. Tracking your weight

Choosing a weight loss program, you have to pick one that also tracks the changes in your weight. I understand that is not pleasant sometimes, but this information could help you change what needs to be changed and you would be able to adjust depending on your needs.

5. Tracking your diet

Along with tracking your weight, you also have to choose a weight loss program that would help you track your diet because it tends to be easy to forget the calories of certain foods like sandwiches, coffee, and chocolate eaten during your break time.

6. Accountability and support over the long-term

Last but not least, you have to choose a weight loss program that would help you, support you, and provide some type of accountability in case you stray away from your program. When you are choosing a program, joining an in-person or a phone-based program is so much better than an online weight loss program.

What are some weight loss programs offered in San Antonio?

Fat-burning diet

The fat-burning diet would allow you to burn your fats even when you are resting, so this is the perfect plan for people who want to fast-track their weight loss journey. A lot of people who choose this diet experience a double-digit loss of weight just in their first 2 weeks of being in this program.

Count away diet

The count away diet, on the other hand, was developed by some nutrition experts back at Harvard School of Public Health that mostly promotes balanced and healthy eating. If you want a long-lasting but steady weight loss journey where you are allowed to stray away from your diet once in a while, then this is the recommended weight loss program for you.

Working with a professional when you are trying to lose weight would be the best option, especially when you have been trying to lose weight for a while now. Work with Sculpt Away for your weight loss program today!