Couples who are planning their weddings are increasingly using these terms as a result of the spread of COVID-19 and shifting attitudes about weddings. As the popularity of smaller weddings increases for a variety of reasons, couples want to know what this means for them and their celebrations.

We’re accustomed to the appearance of a large, traditional wedding, but what’s with these small weddings?

Let’s take a look at each option, how it’s different from a traditional wedding, why someone might choose to celebrate that way, and what that means for you.

  • Micro Wedding 

A micro wedding is a small-scale, intimate wedding with 25 guests or fewer. At a traditional wedding, you would expect to see beautiful attire, a ceremony, photographs, and a reception with food and entertainment. You don’t cut corners, just the guest count!

Couples who select a micro wedding do so for many of the same reasons that anyone would select an intimate wedding: spending quality time with loved ones in a beautiful and joyful setting. When these couples made their list of guests on purpose, it turned out to be a much smaller group.

A micro wedding challenges the notion that a couple would only wish to celebrate their marriage in a meaningful manner in front of a large group of people. Many couples with smaller guest lists still wish to appear at their wedding as their best selves, devoting time and care to their appearance. They still desire a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. They still desire a first dance, speeches, and an impressive dessert table. They’ve recently abandoned many preconceived notions of what a wedding is “supposed” to be and, as a result, created their own vision for celebrating their marriage. They keep the things that are important to them about a wedding and get rid of the rest.

The planning of a microwedding presents challenges and obstacles. Not only are there fewer resources for planning a wedding for a small number of guests, but many wedding professionals do not cater to such events. It can be challenging to find intimate venues and vendors without a minimum guest requirement. This means that couples are becoming inventive!

Couples who are planning a microwedding are more likely to hire vendors who specialize in smaller events. A micro wedding in Kansas City may involve a vacation rental (such as Harding Creek Hideaway or Rivers Lodge) that can accommodate the entire celebration for a few days. It could mean a private chef instead of a caterer or a solo musician instead of an entire band. Many couples are also open to weekday weddings because there are usually fewer guests and the weekends are usually reserved for bigger events.

Microwedding couples are typically thoughtful, inventive, and nontraditional. They are aware that it is possible to have a large celebration on a small scale and are creative in order to make this happen.

  • Intimate Wedding 

A wedding that intentionally creates an intimate environment for a large celebration is intimate. This allows for a leisurely pace, quality time with loved ones, and the ability to focus on the essentials. Typically, an intimate wedding guest list consists of between 50 and 75 individuals. Couples who desire an intimate wedding invite only those with whom they have a close, personal relationship. There is limited space for friends of friends, casual acquaintances, and “plus 

Why Intimate Weddings?

Despite the fact that larger weddings are here to stay, many couples are beginning to question whether or not the environment is suitable for them. Some individuals dislike hosting large events, engaging in a great deal of small talk, and feeling rushed throughout a long, formal day. They dislike the idea of having all eyes on them as they enter a crowded ballroom, say personal things in the spotlight, or give speeches in front of a large audience.

Intimate weddings are ideal for those with a small number of close relationships as opposed to a large number of diverse relationships. Those invited to witness the vows are those who will uplift and support the meaning of the vows. Those who are invited to dinner and dancing are already those with whom you dine and dance—those who support you in life.

A smaller guest list enables the couple to devote all of their time, energy, attention, and resources to those who matter the most. It means that everyone can be themselves on their wedding day, let their hair down a bit more, and enjoy the moment. It creates a slower pace, allows for lingering moments, and provides each guest with more quality time. It is also a great option for those who prefer to create a shared experience rather than being the center of attention.

While many intimate weddings may create a more relaxed environment, they are by no means less special! People who choose intimate weddings are just as concerned about their nuptials as any other couple; their priorities are simply different. Some things that everyone wants are to look and feel their best, enjoy good food and entertainment, be in a nice environment, and write down happy memories.

Oak Street Mansion and Skyline Rooftops: Three Points are two venues in Kansas City that are ideal for intimate weddings. Each offers intimate and romantic small spaces as well as all of the amenities and attention of a larger wedding venue.They can manage sound, lighting, catering, and getting-ready areas to make your wedding day beautiful and unforgettable.

At Bespoke Socials, “intimate wedding” refers to a wedding that is purposefully designed around close relationships. Thus, an intimate wedding can also include a microwedding.

  • Elopement

In contrast to an intimate or micro wedding, an elopement disregards most wedding traditions and focuses on the ceremony. It is all about two individuals, their vows, and a beautiful setting in which to make a lifelong commitment. Eloping couples do not care about the food or entertainment, hosting, or accommodating a large group. This means that sometimes people are invited to the secret ceremony, but most of the time there are less than 20 of them.

While eloping typically conjures up images of a secret trip to Las Vegas, the modern couple’s elopement looks very different! Elopements are just as diverse and unique as weddings, especially considering their mobility.

The “adventure elopement” is gaining popularity, in which a couple seeks breathtaking views, hiking, and the great outdoors. Popular as well is the city elopement, in which a couple exchanges vows in a modern location with many amenities, followed by pampered excursions such as skydiving or limousine tours. Destination elopements are also a way for some couples to combine the ceremony and honeymoon at a bucket-list destination. For the eloping couple, it is important to look incredible, capture incredible photos and/or video, and create a memorable day. For this they contact some adventure elopement photographer.

Kansas City elopements can be very romantic! In spite of the fact that most people do not consider the Midwest to be a tourist destination, we have four distinct seasons that offer unique photographic opportunities. Our abundance of gardens, arboretums, and parks offer a picturesque backdrop for nature-loving couples. Our amazing rooftop bars, historical buildings, stadiums, and skyscrapers provide a backdrop that is modern, hip, and quintessentially Kansas City. We have a lot of hotels, B&Bs, lodges, and private homes that can be rented for a short time by people who want to get away from the busyness of everyday life. 


Elopements, intimate weddings, and microweddings are all ways to do more for fewer people. They are big parties on a small scale that break with tradition and change how we celebrate weddings.