Scrolling through Nikki Majors‘ Twitter timeline is a real trip down memory lane. With tweets dating back to 2004, she’s witnessed how the social media landscape has changed over the course of her 10+ year career in sports, so much so that when she joined Twitter back in ’04, “tweets” were not even a thing.

“…I didn’t know what to do with it (Twitter). I wasn’t really connected like I am now.” says Majors who has amassed an impressive 43.5K+ Twitter followers and growing. “It was actually friends of mine that kept telling me that this is ‘the thing’ and to post more on it, so I finally did” .

Since embracing social media more than a decade ago, Majors has used the online platform to connect with fans, promote upcoming projects and events, share valuable insight into her personal life and more. As of late though she’s been using Twitter as a microcosm for her life and in particular, the 2016 Rio Olympics. Whether tweeting about Team USA’s epic come from behind win over Russia or watching the final round of men’s beach volleyball during her lunch break, Nikki has been an avid watcher and supporter of both Team USA and women’s beach volleyball in general throughout the course of the games.

“…It’s a huge win for women in sports.” saysNikki Majors who is a die hard supporter of women’s athletics. “The fact that we have grown so much as a sport to have our own gold medal now, it just shows how far we’ve come and helps me cheer the loudest!”

Majors also proudly points out that her NBC Olympics broadcast partner for beach volleyball, Kevin Barnett is the first African American man to call play-by-play for a women’s sporting event on TV.

“Kevin was so excited about it and I felt his energy.” says Majors who felt a sense of pride being around her broadcast partner. “He grew up in Texas as a fan of women’s athletics and he has always cheered for Team USA in whatever they do, so it was cool seeing him get to call the game because of his love for women’s volleyball.”

As previously mentioned Majors is calling her first Olympics, but she is no rookie when it comes to play-by-play announcing. She has spent years working alongside her husband, former NFL linebacker and San Francisco radio personality Tom McMichael who is considered one of the premier sports broadcasters in Northern California.

However, it’s fair to say that fans are more accustomed to seeing Majors on the other side of the mic when she does color commentary for college football games or even women’s volleyball when she takes on the full time sideline role for the ESPN family of networks. Joining her husband in the booth at NBC is a complete 180 from what she’s used to, but she’s embraced it wholeheartedly nonetheless.

“I’m still kind of learning as I go here because I don’t know if anyone that hasn’t done play-by-play before has called a beach volleyball match, so it’s been an interesting experience for me.” says Majors who is enjoying the challenge of calling live sports in front of a national TV audience. “But I feel like Kevin and I have worked together before so we have a good rapport already from other events that we’ve done together so it makes the transition work a lot more smoothly.”

While Majors is more than happy to be calling beach volleyball from Rio, she admits that it would have been cool to be able to do some color commentary over the course of Team USA’s journey in Brazil.

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