CBD is currently one of the most demanding products in the world. CBD does not contain any toxic substances, which is why CBD oil uses are increasing rapidly. The THC level is less than 0.3% in CBD which is why the product is safe for humans.

However, there are different types of CBD products such as oils, creams, capsules, gummies, etc. The ingredients and strengths of different CBD products are not the same.

There are fake CBD products on the market that are not safe for us. These can contain many toxins and more THC. Therefore, when buying CBD oil, you should check the THC level for safety reasons.

Again, if you use CBD oil without knowing the proper dosage, it may cause an unwanted effect on you. Therefore, you need to know the right dosage for you before applying the oil.

You should also buy authentic and real CBD oil to ensure the best result. You can trademark cbdschool.com/ to get the original product.

But the new user may be confused in determining the correct dose of CBD oil. CBD has been found to be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Before you start using CBD oil, you should know its main benefits, side effects, and discoveries available in safe pills.

Start with a low dose

Different types of CBD products have a large dosage concentration. If you are the new user, you should start with the lowest dose. Then your body will gradually start absorbing the oil.

After that, you can increase the CBD dosage according to your problems. CBD oils can be taken from 2 mg to 25 mg per day. You can take 2 to 5 mg twice a day at first. Then the rate of CBD consumption can be increased.

Based on your body weight

Body weight is a very important factor when choosing dosages for any drug. The adaptation of any substance to the body can be determined based on body weight. Therefore, CBD dosage can be chosen based on your body weight. Let’s check the doses based on body weight:

Less than 60 kg – 11 mg or less

60 to 100 kg – 18 mg or less

Over 100 lbs – 23 mg or less

Based on the above categories, you can easily find out the amount yourself. As a calculation, you can take 1 mg per 5.5 kg of body weight. Therefore, the correct dose can be found by dividing your weight by 5.5.

Keep in mind the symptoms you’re treating:

You may have different types of issues including anxiety, pain, sleep problems, etc. Dosages are different for different types of problems.

If you suffer from severe pain or difficulty sleeping, you can take CBD oil in moderate or high doses regularly. You can take very high doses regularly to reduce pain very quickly.

Another important factor in determining your dose of CBD is the symptoms you are trying to relieve.

Several studies show that people who take 25 mg of CBD per day have better sleep quality, although results have not been consistent. However, you may need weaker or more advanced treatment if you are treating another type of disease.

Problem strength:

The strength and severity of your problems play an important role in choosing the right CBD supplement. If you have moderate effects, you can start with a low dose.

But you can take higher doses to get powerful effects. If they do not have strong effects, you can use lower strength CBD oils or CBD capsules. You should take a high-dose capsule or tablet if you have serious problems. But you should consult your doctor before choosing a high dose supplement.


You have to take into consideration all the factors like body weight, problems, strengths etc. To determine the dose of taking CBD. If you consider all the factors and can calculate them correctly, you can easily find out how much CBD should be consumed daily. 

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