Electricity matters require a lot of close attention, especially when it has a lot of people around it. For instance, wires that are open to public spaces or are in commercial industries and the workplace, require regular testing.

The health and safety executive has made it mandatory to get Fixed Wire Testing Services for all electrical systems that are open to the public spaces.

What is Fixed Wire Testing?

As the name suggests, fixed wire testing services are designed to inspect the condition of the wires that are fixed in your properties, i.e. buildings and homes etc. if any dilemma is identified, it is repaired right away by the technicians who come to test it.

What does a Fixed Wire Test Include?

Fixed wire testing services involve a complete inspection of electrical installations in buildings. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the electrical installation has been carried out, under the safety regulations and is compliant with them.

This includes an extensive number of testing, i.e.

  • Main panel checking
  • Hardwiring inspection
  • Switchboards and distribution boards
  • Lighting
  • Socket outlet testing
  • Fixed plants
  • Air conditioning systems

Testing is carried out through visual inspection and other electrical testing methods. All the procedures are approved by the health and safety departments.

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Is it Mandatory Legally?

As long as you’re electrical system is placed inside your workplace, and has a connection with your employee’s safety; it is mandatory. It is legally your duty to ensure that your electrical system performs optimally well.

Home Electrical Safety Services are important for ensuring the safety of workers or public spaces. It is the employer’s responsibility to fulfil this duty, for the protection and safety of everyone working under him or her.

How often should I Hire Fixed Wire Testing Services?

This largely depends on the environment in which your electrical installations are. In industrial spaces, the maximum time span for inspections is 3 years. You must get it done every second year for optimal security and maintenance.

If you are a retail owner, then you can hold fixed wire testing services for 5 years. Lastly, if your electrical installations are exposed to a lot of water or the surrounding has water exposure, then you must get it inspected at least once every year. Water diminishes the wire quality faster. Thus regular testing is important.

However, it is important that you get your wires tested at least once every year. You can stretch to the maximum time limit but for proper maintenance, it can be helpful.

Likewise, for domestic fixed wires, it is best to get them all checked every year. Your family’s security is definitely the most important in your life. Thus, do not overlook it.

Who carries out fixed wire testing?

Fixed wire testing services are not carried out by simply anyone. Only professionals and a skilful team of electrical technicians can carry it out. Thus, you need to be very careful while selecting the team that you wish to work with.

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However, before you choose any service, it is important to check whether they are meeting the set safety standards or not. Also, inquire about their licenses and other credentials before hiring.


Getting your fixed wires inspected is very important. Electricity dilemmas are not small ones and they require a lot of nerves to manage. Any issue can result in huge trouble, causing a safety threat. Thus, hiring fixed wire testing services is extremely helpful.

Is it mandatory? Yes, it is, especially for commercial and industrial spaces where employee safety is at stake.