Many dreams settle abroad and cherish a life free from pollution and full of goodies. Canada is one favourite destination of all for the country and offers an opportunity for people to grow in a cordial environment. Companies like First Step Immigration helping people settle in Canada with the right career choices. 

To settle in Canada, you will have to get a VISA first, for which you will have to apply through agents, or you can even go ahead and apply it yourself. Here is precise information on Canadian Visa and its requirements. 

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What is Canadian Visa?

A Canadian visa is a legal document that lets you enter the boundary of the country. Getting a Canadian visa here means you have legal permission to stay there either temporarily or permanently.

Visa is provided via the embassy after fulfilling all documentation and verifications. Local VISA consultants can help schedule a meeting with the embassy. For example, if you stay in Ahmadabad, you can contact a Canada PR consultant in Ahmedabad for VISA related queries. 

To get the VISA, you first must complete the Canada visitors visa application, and you will have to sit for an interview where you are asked why you need the VISA and what your purpose is for moving to CANADA soon. The answers to the questions must be satisfactory for the authorities to provide you a VISA permit. If the authorities are unhappy with the answers, they may cancel the VISA, and you may have to reapply after a stipulated time frame.

What are the types of Canadian Visa?

Then there are different types of Canadian visas available. Below is the list of the types of Canadian visa.


Temporary Canadian Visa

A temporary Canadian visa is available for those people who want to leave or stay in Canada for a period of up to 6 months or a Limited period.

A temporary Canadian Visa comes with the option of a single-entry Canadian Visa and a multiple-entry Canadian Visa.

When you apply for a single entry Canadian Visa you can travel to Canada only once. The valuation of a single entry visa is available for only six months. For a temporary Canadian visa, you can apply online also. Multiple entry visas allow you to enter Canada multiple times up to the validation of the visa.

Type of temporary Canadian Visa

Canadian tourist visa – Canadian tourist visa is available for tourists only. 

Canada super Visa– Canada super visa is for parents and grandparents of children who stay in Canada permanently. Parents can get this visa if their purpose is to meet their children and grandchildren settled in the country.

Diplomatic and official visa– Diplomatic and official visa allows officials from a foreign country to visit Canada for official purposes only such as business meetings and attending summits.

Courtesy visa – Courtesy visa is given to those who are not eligible for a diplomatic and official visa. It is given to those who have some ranks and positions, for example, trade mission’s members.

Canada student visa- Canadian student visa is available for those students who want to study at Canadian University to complete their higher studies. Those who want to study for more than six months in Canadian University get a student visa and those who do not want to study more than six month do not get Canadian Visa they only get a TRV visa.

Canadian temporary work visa- Canadian temporary visa is for those people who want to work in a Canada Company for up to 6 months.

Canada business visa – Canada business visa is available to those people who want to travel to Canada for some business reason. It is for a single person or a group of people.

Permanent Canada visa

A permanent Canadian visa is available for those people who want to permanently settle in Canada. A Permanent Canada visa is also known as an immigrant visa. There are different types of permanent Canada visas.

– Family sponsorship program.

– Live-in caregiver program.

– Quebec selected a skilled worker program.

– Investor Canadian Visa

– Self-employed person Canadian visa.

– Start-up Canadian visa program.


Express entry visa

An express entry visa is for those people from all over the world that has some specific skill Express Canadian visa is a program that is made for people who are talented in a specific field. It is designed by the government of Canada. It is applicable for those who want to immigration to Canada based on their skill and talent. Following are the programs for express entry Visa.

– Federal skilled trades program.

– Federal skilled worker program.

– Provincial nomination program 

– Canadian experience class.


Eligibility Criteria for Getting Canadian Visa

Visiting Canada is one of the dreams of many people around the globe. But with such a dream comes various eligibility criteria. You can get in touch with a local consultant, such as an immigration consultant in Ahmadabad, who can help understand the criteria. Here is a short guide for you. 

● The person who wants to travel to Canada must have Canadian Visa like a passport

● A person should be in good health and shouldn’t be suffering from any chronic disease.

● The person shouldn’t have any criminal record or any pending litigation.

● People might need to give medical examinations to prove their well-being.

If you are interested in working in Canada, you may need to contact dedicated Canada work permit consultants in Ahmadabad or your local area for details. 

However, some people aren’t allowed in Canada

● There shouldn’t be any criminal proceedings going on

● The person shouldn’t have violated human rights or has been a part of organized crime. 

If these criteria are matched, then a person will be eligible for getting Canadian Visa.

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