Klikkulka com Reviews: There are many websites available on the internet as the e-commerce market is expanding all over the world. But not all online stores are legal and we need to research them carefully before buying.

Websites are massive and we need to investigate their authenticity. Here we came up with the Klikkulka.com website and we need to study it as people from the United States are discussing the same thing.

Let’s move on and find the answer to the question Is Klikkulka com Legit or not.

A few words about Klikkulka.com

Simply put, the website is an online store that offers a wide variety of flavors available for cigarettes and tobacco products. All flavors are common around the world, including the United States. Some flavors are watermelon, cola mint, grape, mango, blueberry mint, cherry blueberry etc.

You can put these different flavors in cigarette filters and change the aroma to the fullest. You can access all updates through the subscription newsletter and receive daily updates.

Do you want to learn more about the service and products it offers? We need to delve into all aspects of the website and go through the Klikkulka com reviews.

Some specifications of the Klikkulka com

• The website URL is https://www.klikkulka.com.

• Products are available in the online store, which includes Watermelon, Mint Coke, Grape, Mango, Blueberry Mint, Cherry and more.

• The website domain age is 11/22/2020 and the expiration date is 11/22/2021.

• The e-mail address available on the website is Klikkulka@gmail.com

• The telephone number available on the website is 571-876-862.

• Social media platforms are already on the site, which is Facebook and Instagram.

• Offers two different currencies such as USD and PLN.

• The website is operated by the Sky Shop.

• The site is protected by the HTTPS protocol.

Positive aspects of Klikkulka.com

• The site has a wide variety of flavors available on the site, according to Klikkulka com reviews.

• Wholesale option available.

• The site is protected and there is no need to worry about transactions.

• All rules are listed on the site.

• There are many unique flavors that are reasonably priced.

• All of them are highly natural.

Negative aspects of Klikkulka.com

Some of the site’s downsides are listed below.

• There are not many reviews available.

• The online store is only two months old and too new to be trusted.

• No such return and refund policy is displayed on the website.

• There are no customer reviews on the site.

Is Klikkulka com legal?

The site has been around since November and trusting the store is too quick as it is new to the market. The site also does not offer a return and refund option on the site. Apart from that, there are no such shipping rules or reviews available on the website.

Therefore, we cannot say that the site is a legit platform because the site is too new to the online market. We cannot predict anything about the site, whether it is legal or a scam.

What are the customer reviews of Klikkulka com?

When we dive into the feedback from the site to learn more about it and find that there is a single review available on the site’s social media feed, the site also does not have such replies available for any products on any other internet platform and we were unable to learn nothing about flavors and the way people find them.

Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the website and products once before purchasing.


After exploring all aspects of the online store via Is Klikkulka com Legit, we found the site has been online since November and is too new to the digital market. The site has a lot of options available, but it contains many of the vulnerabilities we found during our in-depth research.

Ultimately, we found that buyers need to review all products and services to see how good they are. The store is new and we can’t tell if it’s legal or a scam, but it still seems suspicious.

Please enter all your questions and questions about the Klikkulka com review in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.