Did you know that online transactions through credit or debit cards can be easily refunded? Do you prefer to shop online? Are you searching for new men’s trendy tops, suits, jackets, coats, blazers and many more in the United States?

Kleeys.com is a site which provides such services. However, we’d like to inform you about Kleeys reviews to verify whether it’s genuine.


Kleeys.com is the one-stop online store for purchasing stylish and fashionable clothing. The website offers the latest fashions at an affordable cost. Additionally, it offers quality design and meets the customers’ needs.

Here are a limited items that are available on Kleeys.com.

  • Sequins and fashion-forward men’s shirt
  • Style Lace Sequin top
  • Fashion Lace Sequin Top
  • Fashionable Floral Print Jumpsuit
  • Fashion Sequin Jumpsuit
  • Retro hunting coat with multi-pockets
  • Lapel warm jacket in corduroy
  • Corduroy fully collared pocket-style jacket
  • Warm and multi-coloured work jacket
  • Vintage Leather Jacket

We’ll explain more. What is Kleeys Legit?

  • Casual woolen suit with checkered pattern
  • Fashion-forward suit for men
  • Vintage Gentleman woolen suit jacket
  • Men’s casual woolen military coat
  • Retro GentlemanGentleman wool suit that is all-match
  • Vintage Broch Satin Blazer
  • Vintage Broch Satin suit vest
  • Vintage ornate jacket
  • Style Crinkled Satin Shirt
  • Vintage Broch velvet cloak embroidered with embroidery

Future predictions from Kleeys.com indicate that it will sell products made with proper equipment that emphasize the importance of precision and attention to the design and style.

Additionally, some of their products are developed by hand sewing.

Features that make the final decision whether Kleeys legitimate:

  • Buy classy and trendy clothes at: https://www.kleeys.com/.
  • Links to social media: Kleeys.com links with Facebook to help customers.
  • Pricing:The rate of clothes on Kleeys.com ranges from $32 to $50.
  • Physical location:Sichuan Gousile E-Commerce Co. Ltd. No.49-52 5th floor Building 1. Yijiang E-Commerce Industrial Park, No. 132, Jinyan Road, Jiangyou City, Mianyang Cit, Sichuan Province.
  • Review by Customers and Satisfaction:The website has gained only one positive review.
  • Privacy Policies:Promoting safety and security in accordance with the policy.
  • Terms and Conditions:This website agrees to certain terms and conditions, including online store terms, accuracy in information, completeness, timely delivery of information and many others.
  • Contact Phone NumberIt does not come from Kleeys.com
  • Kleeys Review regarding TrackingKleeys.com provides a customer service email that tracks the details of your order.
  • Store LocatorKleeys.com doesn’t have the store locator.
  • The delivery time isDelivery takes 7-15 business days.
  • Shipping PolicyStandard Shipping cost is $11. Free shipping is also available for orders that exceed $79.
  • Refund PolicyReturn made within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery .
  • Return Policy A refund is processed 7 days after the item arrives.
  • email ID[email protected]
  • Payment Mode: Online Mode via PayPal, Credit cards, VISA, etc.


  • All the necessary specifications are provided.
  • Offer Customer Service through Facebook and Email.
  • A variety of payment options are readily available.


  • There is no gain more Kleeys reviews as well as satisfaction.
  • Certain policies are not in place.
  • Short life expectancy domain.

Is Kleeys.com Legit?

  • Kleeys.com Created: the 18th of January, 2022 at 09:12:03.
  • Kleeys.com expires:18 Jan 2023, 09:12:03. ( less than one year remaining)
  • Index of Trust:Kleeys.com receives a poor trust ranking of 22%. It also provides cautions to users who are new to the internet. It is advised to use this kind of site only by experienced users of the internet.
  • Kleeys.com The age of the site isZero ones one, twenty-five and one.
  • Origin Location:Kleeys.com originated in the United States.
  • Connection SecurityKleeys.com is secured using HTTPS Protocol.
  • Social Relationships:Kleeys.com interlinked with Facebook.
  • Contact:Not mentioned at Kleeys.com.
  • Kleeys Review about Threat ProfileAn average highlight of 53/100.
  • Other information:Provided only Email ID, [email protected]

User Reviews

Kleeys.com reported that it has an insufficient authenticity ranking. But, based on the 53 important factors which we’ve identified, it’s probably not secure. Kleeys.com has earned 38.9 scores.

One customer review is available on Kleeys.com. This means that it is given a very low rank.

As Kleeys.com is only available to online payments made through VISA and MasterCard, etc.


The website has no reviews from its customers, we can not ensure its future.

Kleeys Reviews concludes that it could be secure and offers a warning to novice internet users.