This article will give details regarding the legitimacy of the site Comfylin Review are not a good way to establish legitimacy.

Are you convinced of the importance of saving the environment? Do you want to wear clothing made of natural polymers and cotton? Numerous famous clothing brands produce various types of clothes made of the various polymeric and synthetic materials.

A brand that is the top-selling sells its products in Australia as well as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The name of the website is Comfylin.Com that claims to create clothing using natural materials. It is possible to determine the credibility of the company by reading Comfylin reviews. .

What is

Comfylin can be described as an online platform which believes in creating clothes using natural resources, such as wool and Silk wool that is derived by natural methods. The primary goal of this business is to produce products made from natural resources since synthetic Polymers are extremely detrimental to the health of humans and the environment.

The website is planning on creating clothes made from natural resources and making them unique and fashionable that they are attractive to all. The product offered by this business is extremely soft, delicate and stylish while being stylish.

Specification to show: Is Comfylin Legal ?

  • The website’s type is : This is a clothing website that manufactures high quality products using natural resources.
  • Website link address:
  • Contact information Room 902 Yuyang Central (Golden building) Address: 118-Shuguang Rd Aofeng St, Taijiang Dist, Fujian (This is not an address for return)
  • Phone number+86-21-31477935
  • Contact email
  • Product sorting alternative: available for the product
  • The handle for social media islinked via Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Option for filtering: not available
  • Delivery information Deliver product within 15-30 days prior to covid-19
  • Exchange and return policies:no proper information available.
  • Payment options: Paypal, MasterCard, Visa.
  • Price of the product:USD

Comfylin reviews are a crucial aspect to establish the authenticity of any website.


  • The idea behind the creation of products is fascinating and beneficial for the environment and humans.
  • All contact details are readily available to help you to manage your order.
  • Social media links are on this site.


  • Its Trust rating of this website is quite poor.
  • Insufficient information is available to establish the legitimacy.
  • Information about the owner of the company is not available.
  • The domain was just established and will be deactivated in the near future.

Is Comfylin Legit

To ensure that a website is legitimate, there are certain elements that can be used to prove the legitimacy of a business by looking at its reviews and general specifics.

  • The date of creation for the site:this web site launched November 9, 2021. It’s been over 6 months since the website was available online
  • Trust score of the website:this website has a extremely low trust score of just 1.1%, and this is a disaster for any site to be considered legitimate.
  • Copyrighted content on the site:This website contains 71 percent plagiarized content, which appears like the biggest fraud.
  • Reviews from customers: reviews from Comfylinare not accessible on the site.
  • Alexa rating of site:Global Alexa ranking is 1731757. The address for the website is Fujian However, according to Alexa ranking it is located within the United States, which looks like a fraud.
  • Review of social media on:On the social media handle of this site where your feedback is displayed on clothing and photos however, they are not able to justify the legitimacy of the brand.
  • Shipping fees: you can order products with free shipping if you place an total of $79. If the total of your purchase is less than $79, then you will be charged $9.99 shipping charges.

Comfylin Reviews

Reviews from customers are essential for any website in order to demonstrate the truth and authenticity of the product or service offered by a brand and its the quality of its products. There aren’t any customer reviews for the website’s official site. However, on the social media account of this site, certain reviews from customers aren’t enough to prove the authenticity of the. Visit this page to get Refunds from Paypal If you’ve been scammed when shopping on the internet.


This site contains all essential information, however the majority of it is fake. Additionally the trust rating of the site is extremely low. Comfylin Review are also not accessible on the official site. Therefore, we suggest not to visit this website.

Did you notice any evidence of legitimacy on the site? Note your comments in the comment section below. If you’re looking for an cloth, check out. Also, learn the best way to get your money Refunded on Credit Cards for security.