Are you familiar enough with Mikayla Saravia (KKvsh) the Instagram model? Is it possible to discover the net income of this model by curiosity?

Yes, she is a model from the United States. We will be briefing Kkvsh lovers with her Kkvsh net worth 2021 as well as her bio.

Who is Kkvsh,

Kkvsh is an Instagram Model and has over 7 million followers. Mikayla Saravia is actually her real name and Kkvsh, is her nickname. She is one of Instagram’s most famous and trending characters. She is also an Instagram star.

In just 20 years she was famous and began to earn through Instagram. Kkvsh now has 64.9K Twitter followers, which may grow, and 64.2K YouTube subscribers, which may also rise, by now.

It’s clear from her fan base that Kkvsh Net Wealth 2021 will be immense. Her Facebook account has over 28K followers. Her huge popularity is due to her fashionable style and the fact that she was one of the most popular Gorgeous Women because of her unique Tongue.

Kkvsh Bio and Family

Mikayla Saravia, currently 23 years old, was born 29th October 1997. She was born in West Palm Beach Florida and later moved to Los Angeles, California. She holds an American Nationality of Jamaican, Salvadorian and Salvadorian descent. Her siblings and parents are still unknown. She attended a local High School. Her relationship status at the moment is single.

An overview of Kkvsh Net Value 2021

You can calculate the net annual income of this celebrity star by looking at her huge following on social media. The majority of her income comes from her Instagram account under the name of “kkvsh”.

Kkvsh’s networth for 2021, as per various sources, is $1M or $100,000 at 23 years of age. As such a young age, her net worth seems colossal and commendable. Instagram Model is her only source of income.

Kkvsh a few of my favorites

After knowing the Kkvsh Net Worth 2021, let’s take a look at her top picks. __S.28__ Europe is her favourite holiday destination. Her hobbies include listening and reading comic books, as well as traveling. Emma Stone is her favorite actress. Nicolas Cage is her favorite actor. KKvsh is a fan of red and black. These were Mikayla’s top picks, and they are just a few of her favorite colors.

Final Wrap up

So, we hope all Kkvsh admirers are well-acquainted with the Net Worth of this Instagram Model.

The massive fan following and incredible popularity are the reasons Kkvsh Net Worth 2021. The model is now making millions and is forecast to continue increasing her earnings each year.