Are you familiar with online shopping for kitchen appliances? Many websites offer kitchen appliances. But today, we will discuss a website that focuses on kitchen-related products. They are specialists in kitchen appliances. Kiteeo is a name for this website. This website is popular in Canada. People are all over the globe curious about this website.

We’ll be covering all relevant information about this site in our article Reviews. Today’s post will focus on kitchen products.

Briefing – Kiteo

Kiteeo was an online company founded in 2021. This website is limited to kitchen appliances. This website only sells mixers. They offer different designs and colours for their mixers. They offer discounts for their products at the moment. It may sound very tempting, but the discounts might be a trap. The website also has no information about the founder of this company.

We’ll next be learning more about the website is legitimate, or a fraud.

Specifications of Kiteeo

  • Website Foundation Date-This website was established in 2021/10/25.
  • Methods of Payment – MasterCard and Visa are the available payment options.
  • Products Offered- Kitchen Mixers.
  • Email Address-[email protected]
  • Contact Number is not available.
  • Contact Email-This website does not have a contact address.
  • Delivery timing-In Europe it takes between 3-7 and 15 days. In the rest, it takes 7-15.
  • Return Policy-Returns may be done within 30 day of delivery.
  • Refund Policy –Refunds within 7-10 day.
  • Website Review-check via
  • Swap Policy- Swap policy is available.

Let’s now discuss the pros and con of Kiteeo. This information is very valuable when shopping at the site.

Pros at Kiteeo

  • The website is protected via the HTTPS protocol, and SSl Integration


  • Portal and Url for the website are not identical.
  • It was not possible to find information on the owner of the property.
  • Contact details are not valid.
  • No social media link was found.
  • This website is only 6 months old, which is not a sign for trustworthiness.
  • Bis now, customer feedback is not available.

Is Legit Or Scam?

This stage will cover the most important points you need to know in order to judge this site’s legitimacy. You will find all the relevant information in this stage. Please review them carefully.

  • Domain Date- The site was created 5 months ago on 2021/10/25.
  • Expiration Time- The website will expire on 2022/10/25.
  • Content Quality – They have 52% of their shipping content plagiarized.
  • Authenticity of Address-No physical address.
  • Policies Some policies are not available.
  • Trust Rank –TrustRank is merely 0% which is not quite up to the mark.
  • Information about the Owner No information on their owner.
  • Trust score-check through reviews trust score of only 1% is a poor score.
  • Social Media Platform It was impossible to find a single social media account.
  • Customer Reviews-No customer reviews are yet published.

Customer Reviews

We know that customers’ reviews are critical in evaluating a website’s legitimacy. We searched this website’s customer reviews but found no reviews. No reviews have yet been published. TrustPilot has no reviews. It could be that this website is still new.

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Wrapping Up

However, the website lacks transparency. There are no owner details available and the website is still very young. It doesn’t have social media accounts. It doesn’t have any customer reviews. This website can be considered a dubious site for the moment. The website is as it is right now. We will wait to see any future updates.