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After analyzing the About Us section, it was clear that the website described and stated the history behind the BBQ grill. It also announced that BBQ grill was a family-run company and has sold products since 2012. The website also claims to sell reliable products and provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

A team of experts works continuously to ensure that every home has the best possible product. These details are enough to make you curious about Are Kingcookouts Legit?

Notifying Some Specifications About This Portal

  • The website’s official URL is investigated as
  • This portal allows you to return within 60 days.
  • While searching the site, the address 812 E Chestnut street, Junction City (KS 66441) was found.
  • During the analysis we observed the availability of social icons.
  • allows you to pay via PayPal
  • There is a sign up facility for the newsletter.
  • Within 60 days, the buyer can receive a full refund.
  • This website sells grills and butcher papers as well as basting brushes.
  • Unused products are not acceptable for exchange.
  • The website claimed that it would ship within 24 hours to 48 hours after you place your order.
  • The Kingcookouts Reviews investigation determined that the portal was originally created on 22-07-2022. That’s 7 days ago.
  • We did not find any contact information on this site.
  • The survey revealed that the delivery timeline is 15 days.
  • To reach the website’s team, the shopper can raise their query on [email protected].

Perks in

  • The email address and details of the location are included.
  • Our survey identified social icons.
  • We noticed the newsletter facility.
  • Our investigation revealed that the website provided many offers.


  • We found one negative feedback related to this online store.
  • Trustpilot has no comments.
  • No phone number has been found.

Are Kingcookouts Legit

  • Trust Scope Deep analysis found a 2% trust score, creating suspicion.
  • Bulk buying option This website does not allow you to buy more than three products. This means that buyers can only buy a maximum of 3 products.
  • Trust Rating– When exposing this online portal, it is only examined for an unreliable number, i.e. 42.4/100.
  • Review – Trustpilot didn’t have any comments when we reviewed. Moreover we found negative feedback from an internet review site during the research.
  • Alexa Rank – We have not been able to obtain an Alexa Rank for this virtual store. This analysis raises serious concerns, and it is difficult to purchase any product here.
  • Plagiarization — The Kingcookouts Reviews poll found that site’s content was copied. This raises several questions.
  • Policies Websites can post attractive content to drive customers.
  • Discount Information — Our inspection revealed that the portal offers remarkable, almost too good-to-be true rebates for online customers, raising serious doubts.
  • Location Details JC BBQ & Grill proposes the location information. This analysis leads to a lot of suspicion.
  • Social Connections Presence Our investigation found that there were different social connections across this site.
  • Website Suspension 22/07/2023 is a date for the freezing of this online store.
  • Domain Age. Our Kingcookouts Reviews analysis found that is 7 days old.

Reliable Shoppers’ Reviews

Trustpilot received no comments. This raised many questions about the buyers. We found a portal with a negative rating that said it might be a fraud since the address was owned by JC’s BBQ & Grill. We discovered many other flaws in this portal online, so we won’t recommend it for now.

The Final Talk

We looked at some crucial points in this Kingcookouts review and concluded that it was questionable.