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Are you familiar with king legacy? Is this a game you are familiar with? Are you looking for the swords? These words will help you in your gameplay.

We will be sharing some information about the new swords that have been added to the legacy of inking. This game is very popular in the United States and people keep searching for basic information about it.

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What is King Legacy?

King Legacy, a Roblox-based Roblox game, was launched on 17 December 2019. Thai Piece is the founder of this game, while the Manga Series inspired it from their long-running modes.

What is Swords in King Legacy?

There are three ways to defeat the game: Swords, Devil Fruits, and Fighting styles. These swords can be further quoted using Busoshoku Haki to increase boost and damage.

These words can be obtained through NPCs or by using Robux (the in-game currency of Roblox).

King Legacy New Swords:

This section will cover the swords. The details are listed in order from strongest to least.

  1. XMAS Blade

This was the most powerful sword in the game. You can only get it before Christmas 2020. It won’t be available afterwards. This item is free and can be obtained as a reward for defeating Santa.

There are 20% chances of shank boss replacement, and a 25% drop rate.

  1. YORU

This is the second strongest sword. It will also be a night-blade that will run you around 1000 Robux. The purchase box contains the King Legacy New Swords.

  1. MOM Blade

This sword is the third strongest and most rare in the game. This sword is available as a reward for defeating oars. The drop rate for it is only 1%.

  1. Shanks Saber:

This sword is a drop and can be found on the fourth spot. You can either drop the sword or defeat the shanks to get the same. 25% is the drop rate, but it is hard to obtain the same as it has a spawnrate for every 3 hours.

There are many other King Legacy New Swords available. These include pipe, bisento and mini kaido as well as lighting pole, Tadashi and shark swords. If you follow the steps or use the drop, these can all be easily obtained. Roblox users should also check Are Robux generators too good to true?

Final Verdict:

We have covered all details regarding swords and their gameplay in this article. Swords are important in defeating your opponent. They also have different power and losses. To learn more about methods to get all new swords, you can click here. Did you find the above content useful? Leave your comments below about King Legacy New Swords.