Kina and tam as a brand focus on creating stylish and creative clothes that add value to the market. They make their dresses with a creative mindset and satisfaction of the customers. Kina and Tam, as a brand, aim for a better world by adding more aspects to society. As a brand, it is completely ethical and aims to add value to there products.

It is an ethical brand.  Kina and Tam are committed to promoting ethics in its goods by being open about its business practices, answering to its clients, and collaborating with ethically recognized suppliers. They also make their products out of sustainable materials to create awareness in society.

Sustainable Goods

The brand is committed to assisting in the creation of sustainable products. By referring to sustainable products, the company is only attempting to encourage the production of clothing and other items from substances that are not detrimental to either people or the environment.

Kina and Tam advise producers to use sustainable materials that employees successfully examine throughout production to fulfill the sustainability aim. The business claims that people, not machines, manufacture everything the apparel it sells.

Employ Certified Partners

To uphold their brand’s principles, Kina and Tam only work with partners that have received ethical certification. According to the brand, three of the current four partners the company works with are BSCI-certified. By doing this, Kina and Tam can demonstrate to customers and rival companies that they do not support collaboration with immoral businesses.

Being Distinctive From the Majority

Making your brand stand out from the crowd and assisting your clients in differentiating it from your rivals is one of the main goals of branding. That is what Kina and Tam want to achieve. Kina and Tam’s ethical methods may help your branding initiatives succeed even more. Your brand will stand out if it is ethically branded.

Pick A Good Specialty.

The first step in branding and marketing is recognizing your specialty. Kina and Tam identify its distinctiveness in the market and cater to the appropriate consumer base. It aids in the identification of your target market’s demands and the development of fresh goods and services. Additionally, they boost engagement by effectively engaging with your target audience and assist you in staying one step ahead of the competition. You’ll successfully target the group linked with that cause. You can easily outperform your rivals with this strategy, even if you have to charge more for your goods and services.

 More about Kina and Tam

Kina and Tam, as a brand, keep all of these points in mind and try to create clothes of their best quality which are very comfortable and durable. An ethical clothing company called Kina and Tam offers apparel for adults in all sizes that is both bright and fun. Theirs is a shopping playground, not a retail platform. Kina and Tam are passionate about making one-of-a-kind goods in a sustainable way that respects Mother Nature, people working in the garment industry, and other workers.

They collaborate with establishments and companies that uphold ideals like defending human rights and reducing the environmental effect. Three of the four factories it collaborates with are accredited by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), and the fourth will likely receive certification in 2022. They want to strengthen their connections with suppliers and use more environmentally friendly products.

An ethical brand leaves behind a legacy of concepts, techniques, and deeds that can be morally upstanding and honorable. A responsible, constructive, and lasting contribution to society is made by an ethical brand that doesn’t hurt people, animals, or the environment. The brand Kina and Tam work to improve in every aspect.

What attributes define an ethical brand?

A brand must take certain steps before being verified as ethical and meeting certain criteria. These items consist of;

  • The brand’s products must be produced ethically and sustainably.
  • The company’s brand cannot in any way collaborate with unethical companies.
  • The brand’s products must not be detrimental to customers.
  • A Business Social Compliance Initiative accreditation is required for the brand. A BSCI certification attests to the brand’s absolute ethics.
  • The product’s distribution cycle must be a closed-loop system, which essentially implies that the product must travel from the producer to the distributor, the customers, and then back to the manufacturer.


Building a solid reputation is the major objective of creating ethical policies. Kina and Tam, as a company, strive to achieve that. People prefer to do business with respectable companies rather than ones who act dishonestly and take unfair advantage of them. Ethical rules enable a company’s owners and staff to stay on task while enhancing the community in which they operate.

It is the main emphasis of the Kina and Tam brand.

Kina and Tam are passionate about sustainably making one-of-a-kind things utilizing a method that respects Mother Nature and those who work in the garment industry.  They collaborate with organizations that emphasize safeguarding human rights and reducing their negative effects on the environment.

Looking at all the points above, we conclude that Kina and Tam, as a brand, is striving to do better every day and is creating some amazing clothing lines for its customers. It is a brand that is completely focused on its ethics and has made several ethical policies for the same. To add value and motive behind their clothes make them more suited for the customers.