Kilo Health is among the world’s leading digital healthcare and wellness organizations, enticing talent to join its quickly expanding staff while also co-founding and driving start-ups in the fast-expanding digital health market. Kilo Health offers unmatched prospects for entrepreneurial talents and visionaries to develop digital health solutions of the future, with over 4 million paying customers globally (the majority in the United States), excellent technology, and a digital marketing platform. Kilo Health was formed to create the most effective and interactive new digital interventions to help people live better lives by avoiding, managing, or curing various health disorders.

Kilo Health is a parent enterprise that owns and invests in over 15 digital health and wellness brands. Kilo Health was the second fastest-growing company in Europe in March 2022, with over 4 million users, 600+ members, and offices in Lithuania, Germany, and Ukraine.

Kilo Health has already invested more than 2 million euros in health tech businesses Pulsetto, Medical Score, Tyler Health, and Revolab since its inception in 2021. Each of these businesses received not just funding but also comprehensive operational assistance, including everything from know-how and resources to company development plans and monetization methods. Kilo Health’s mission is to combine its substantial industry know-how and resources to enable emerging firms to develop or accelerate in the market. The market is evolving rapidly, and if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you must grow quickly. The same spirit has been adopted by Kilo Health by introducing innovative ventures that are expanding digital health startups over the globe. Despite emerging from a small country Lithuania, Kilo health has developed in a short period, and it happened under the leadership of young entrepreneurs Tadas Burgaila and Vytautas Krutulis.

Kilo Health announced the start of its strategic collaboration program Kilo Ventures, in July 2022. This program sought entrepreneurs with a proven product and market traction that wanted a strategic partner to assist them in expanding their business.

Kilo Health formally introduced their product on the market in July 2022. With the help of the Kilo Health Ventures program, Kilo Health sponsored ventures could construct a unique algorithm, a wearable gadget, and accompanying software that provides three different types of relaxation regimens.

Kilo Health aspires to be the primary strategic partner, providing not just finance for expansion but also all of the resources required for company development and scalability. The firm has an in-house digital agency, an R&D department, specialists, and industry experts.

Kilo Health, for its part, is in discussions with numerous US corporations that incorporate mental health app subscriptions in their employee incentive packages. According to survey data, mental health applications are among the most sought-after items in such bundles, therefore this commercial path appears potential. By combining their significant industry expertise and capabilities, Kilo Health aims to give possibilities for innovative firms to develop or expand in the market.