Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Killalmij, born Sheldon Thaxter, is doing his best to put dancehall music on the map with his work, and his latest album is bound to make waves in the industry. Killalmij came from humble beginnings and was raised by a single mother since his father was never around. Life as a single mother can be challenging, and his mother struggled to make ends meet. As a result, this talented musician was accustomed to hardships from a young age. 

Sheldon attended the Titchfield High School in Portland, Jamaica, graduating in 2008. After graduating, he attended the College of Agriculture Science and Education in Portland before joining the Jamaican Constabulary Force in 2010. He believed life in the armed forces would help him provide for his family and give him better life outcomes. The decision would pay dividends because it helped the artist migrate to the United States and join the United States Marine Corps. Eventually, he became a Sergeant. In addition, he also received multiple medals from the Armed Forces for his contributions overseas.

Sheldon Thaxter’s journey from being an armed forces member to a musician didn’t happen overnight. However, he had always wanted it because making music was his passion. Moreover, music always ran in the family. His older cousin is also an artist who was featured in Killalmij’s earlier productions. Furthermore, he was fortunate to have friends like Oleada and JayCrazie, who always believed in him, even when others didn’t think he could make it as a music producer. The latter’s support would be crucial because Jay would collaborate with him on his debut album and plans to collaborate again on his upcoming album.

Carving your lane as a dancehall and reggae music artist is particularly challenging, especially since these genres don’t have worldwide acceptance like pop, hip-hop, and other genres do. Most people globally weren’t even aware of these genres until popular megastars like Drake, Rihanna, and others started incorporating dancehall and reggae influencers into their music. Killalmij also notes that the Grammy similarly overlooks these music genres. The Reggae Music Grammy, for instance, is awarded during the commercials instead of during the ceremony. The musician considers this disgraceful, especially considering how prominent Reggae music artists like Bob Marley contributed to the musical world.

Nonetheless, Killalmij has managed to overcome the odds, surpassing all expectations. He rose to popularity with the release of his debut album, Rhythm Clock Tick. The album also spawned the hit single, Bubble Up, with former Portmore Empire member Gaza Kim, receiving over 500,000 streams on Spotify. In addition, RIAA also awarded Killalmij a plaque for the song’s success after it charted in the top ten in Jamaica. He also had another song, his first single called history9Grainz, which received over 100,000 views on YouTube. 

Killalmij is extremely grateful for his success because he understands how the music industry works. Music producers like himself find it difficult to get recognition from listeners and fans because most people are more concerned with the performers than those who laid the beat. However, things are changing, especially because of the internet and digital streaming platforms. He is also confident that his hard work will pay off because he has spent time cultivating his fan base and promoting his music catalog.

The road to success hasn’t been easy, especially as a dancehall and reggae music producer. However, Killalmij believes his next album will put the world on notice. His upcoming album, Buzzer Riddim, is scheduled to release this summer, and he’s working closely with his friend and fellow artist, JayCrazie, to create a masterpiece. The album is also set to feature prominent names like Munga Honorable, Maestro Don, and Gaza Kim.