Do you love panda-style comfortable slippers? We all desire comfortable footwear.

Kickfactory is a factory producing slippers and has an online website that sells stylish footwear at very low prices. You can search for similar products by visiting the Kickfactory website.

What does Kickfactory mean?

Kickfactory offers unique slipper products at extremely affordable prices. This website sells items in numerous countries, including Australia .

The website provides all information about the company and product descriptions. This allows you to review all available information before proceeding with the payment. When shopping online, you need to be aware of Kickfactory’s reality .

Specifications on The Kickfactory

  • The URL of the Kickfactory is
  • The email address has been given by Kickfactory on the main page, i.e., [email protected].
  • Kickfactory doesn’t provide any contact numbers, so direct calls are not possible.
  • You can find the location of the company’s offices at 228 La Trobe Street Melbourne Victoria 3001.
  • Many social media, such as Facebook, Instagram links, have been shared and each have a post.
  • On the website you can find the Kickfactory reviewsof the shopper.
  • All orders are eligible for 48-hour free shipping
  • The products may arrive within 3-5 days from the time you place your order with Kickfactory.
  • You can usually expect express shipping to arrive within 1-2 business hours if you place an order.
  • SSL integration and HTTPS encryption fully protect the website.
  • Website accepts payments by VISA and master keys, paypal, as well as Google pay.
  • Kickfactory has made available the return policy details to the website, so that you can review them.


  • Shopper’s kickfactory reviews are available. You can also read them on our portal.
  • All of the slippers are beautiful and elegant, and middle-class people have them.

Unfavorable Feature of The Website

  • The company address given is not correct, as it is not visible on Google Maps.
  • It has not yet been shared with the contact phone number.
  • Kickfactory only has a few items.
  • It is not visible on the web, and it is not accessible via social media.
  • The verified podium does not have any reviews.

When shopping online, you must ensure the legitimacy of the company.

Is Kickfactory real or bogus?

  • Kickfactory was Last Updated on 16/06/2022 A few months back.
  • The date of the creation of the website domain could not be found.
  • It has pages for Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Many customers have shared their feedback at the website URL. You can view it here.
  • Kickfactory does not have any information on the owner of Kickfactory. Therefore, we don’t know who the founder is.
  • The website may have many lines copied from another website. So be careful.
  • The Trust Score for the portal is 60%
  • It is not possible to give an alexa rating to the website.
  • We did not locate any feedback from the verified podium.


Kickfactory offers designer slippers at a very low price. Most products are $50 or less. We tried to see the truth by moving around. Then, we discovered some feedback on the website. However, it was not all positive. We cannot trust this and must wait for the reviews to come on the trust pilot.

Final Thoughts

We can tell that this website has shopper Kickfactory extant selling slippers at extremely low prices, wrong company address, secure site by protocols, social-media activity, etc. This website is for the more advanced users.