Keystone Color Test: Do you know the color test points? Do you want to know what colors are available and also about the manufacturer? Then this article is all you need to know.

US residents want to use the same, but first they look for relevant information about it. That’s why we’re here to shed light on some of the essential color test access point specs and find out what it is.

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Keystone Color test overview

Simply put, the only key to PCB production testing and service troubleshooting is to identify all test points for high density.

The company has developed an innovative series of test points with an insulator base in colors for quick identification and visibility. Wire loop provides convenient access points to probes and J-hooks.

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Production of test points

The producer of these test points is phosphor bronze with a distinct silver plating allowing high level soldering and low electrical resistance. The identification base in various colors is made of high temperature LCP which is suitable for soldering operations.

In accordance with ANSI / EIA-481 standards, the packing is on reel and belt only, and is compatible with the pick and place system for assembly systems. The wire loop design allows convenient access to EZ hooks, alligator clips, J hooks, EZ hooks, probes or tips.

Let us know a few key details below, in all the available colors.

Keystone Color Specifications

Here we have some important information about the Keyed SMT test points as given below:

• Test point: silver plated and phosphor bronze

• Color key: LCP and UL 94-V0.

• Multiple colors available: purple (p / n 5199TR), gray (p / n 5198TR), brown (p / n 5195TR), blue (p / n 5197TR), orange (p / n 5193TR), red (p / n nn 5197TR), black (p / n 5191TR), white (p / n 5192TR), and green (p / n 5196TR). Other colors are also available, but only on special request.

• Operating temperature: from -60⁰F to 293⁰F (ranges from -50⁰C to 145⁰C)


After getting into the SMT test points featured by Keystone in this Keystone Color Test post, we found the different types of color bases available on the website. In addition, they are too good to provide excellent soldering as well as low resistance to electricity.

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