Are you a brand enthusiast? Do you love sunglasses? I hope this article will help you to make the right decision.

Everybody wants to look good and want to have branded products. There are many brands online, and there is a huge selection of portals that allow us to place orders and receive additional discounts. Online shopping is booming, and it all started in the United States.

This is a story about a website that claims it offers a comprehensive collection from brands like Gucci and Nike, Versace and Valentino, Prada and Chanel. The site holds bags, shoes, sneakers and accessories.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Reviews.

What is

Keysima com is an ecommerce portal that caters to brand-lovers. It offers a huge selection of shoes and apparel as well as bags, sunglasses, sneakers, and other accessories. It claims it serves the United States.

The website is available for those who are interested. The website accepts online payments via various payment methods. The image shows the item in its original and beautiful form.

It claims it is the best website to hold brand items. Let’s see: Is Legit?

Specifications of the Keysima com

  • URL: For a visit to the website, please go to
  • Email support not available via the portal
  • Contact number: Not available on the site
  • The office address is not listed on the official website.
  • GUCCI and NIKE are available as brands, along with VALENTINO, PRADA and CHANEL.
  • Products: Accessories, apparel, shoes and bags.
  • Online payment
  • Payment Method: Visa and Mastercard.
  • It claims that shipping costs are waived worldwide
  • Shopper’s Keysima Reviews: Only available on the website
  • Rating: Items that have a 5-star rating for particular objects.
  • Security: SSL integration and HTTPs protocols provide security.
  • Social medial pages: active social media connection
  • Information not available on the portal about return/return/exchange

What are the positive points of buying from Keysima com

  • It has a large selection of branded products.
  • They look so beautiful.
  • You can find so many brands of products.
  • Pinterest and Instagram pages are active.

What Are the Negative Sides to Buying from Keysima com

  • The Keysima com Reviews have not been verified by any portal. The website has no reviews, but they do have some, which are all positive and not suspicious.
  • There are no communication channels available on the website.
  • It was built on 22/04/2021.
  • It has a bad trust score of 4.7 out if 100.
  • It also has a 1% trust indicator that is too low.
  • The website does not provide any return or refund policies.
  • The items’ prices are too high.
  • Websites offer very limited information.

Is Legit or Not?

Let us look at some details that will make this a reality.

  • The domain creation date is only approximately two months.
  • The website has a low trust ranking, at 4.7 out of 100.
  • The information about the founders of the company is not accessible anywhere.
  • You can access the facility online using Visa, MasterCard or Amex.
  • Social media pages like Pinterest and Instagram are working.
  • You can only provide feedback to the trust pilot via the official site. Trust pilot is not available for feedback.
  • We do not have a communication facility.
  • Plagiarized content makes up 50% of the website.
  • It receives an Alexa rating of 0
  • It has an average trust score of 1%

Because of all the details above, we are inclined to believe that the website is suspect.

Customer Reviews

Keysima com, an online shopping platform, allows us to collect a large collection of brands like Gucci and NIKE. Although there are no shipping costs, the prices for the products are very high.

We use the internet to satisfy our needs. Only a small amount of feedback is available on the site. However, they are all positive and hold a 5-star ranking. Users, however, cannot leave comments on any trusted portal, such as Trust Pilot.

So before you make any purchase, we recommend that you read this article to find out how.

Final Thoughts

It is true that the website has yet to be established in the market. The final verdict includes the following: users’ Keysima com reviews only available on the portal, trust ranking bad, trust score inferior and prices too high. There are no communication details.

Are you a Keysima com customer? Share your comments with us.