Need to know how to get a broken key out of your lock? We all worry about locking keys in our cars, but what do we do if it happens to us?

Getting a locksmith can seem like a nightmare, and you can end up wasting an hour on the phone to countless numbers before you find someone to help you.

That’s why we set out to discover the best way to remove a key from the lock without breaking the inside metal. If you have the determination and patience, you can escape a locked car without that dreaded call.

Read on to find out more.

Use Needle Nose Pliers

First, carefully insert the pliers into the lock and feel for the key. Once you locate the key, move the pliers in an up-and-down motion to loosen the key. With a firm, steady grip, carefully pull the key out of your lock.

Discard the key and clean the lock and pliers to prevent further damage to the mechanism. If after two attempts the key cannot be removed with the needle nose pliers, click for emergency locksmith service. A professional locksmith is trained to help you get your stuck key out without causing any damage to the lock.

Use a Tension Wrench

It is a thin rod with a curved tip into the lock next to the key. You will then slowly turn the wrench in the same direction the key usually turns, creating tension within the coil. This will allow the broken parts of the key to be released so that you can pull it out.

Make sure to turn the tension wrench only a tiny amount at a time, and be patient, as it can take some time. Once all of the pieces have been released, take them out of the lock and discard them immediately.

Contact the Best Locksmith

They will be honest, reliable, and capable of helping you with any locksmith needs. To find the best locksmith, you can ask family, friends, and neighbors for referrals, do your research, and read reviews. After seeing the locksmith that fits your needs, call and make sure their credentials are legitimate and, if possible, ask for a written estimate of the job.

It is always important to ask questions before agreeing to any work, set a time when the job is to be completed, and always check references. Confirm a valid business license and insurance to protect yourself against liability. Researching and asking the right questions can help you find the best locksmith who can help you get your key out of your door lock mechanism.

Buy Pre-cut Key

Buying a precut vital is an excellent solution if you have broken a key while unlocking a door and need to get the key out of your door lock. It is an exact duplicate of the original key, which can be from various materials such as brass and nickel silver. When buying one, measure the key to ensure you get the correct size.

Get Out With Your Broken Key Today

Following any of these simple steps can help you easily remove a broken key from your lock. Unfortunately, if all else fails, it leaves a tough job for a professional.

But if you follow the advice presented here, you can save yourself the headache and expenses. Remember, keys open locks that keep us free.

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