Sleeping hot makes it very comfortable for several sleepers. It causes sleepers to toss and turn throughout the night. This reduces their sleep quality and their work efficiency the next day. This problem is solved with the introduction of temperature-regulating techniques in the manufacturing process of the mattress. 

What is the best mattress? Many of the best mattresses available in the present market are based on this technology. The technique involves the use of specific cooling materials within the layers of the mattress to give you a good night’s rest.

In this article, we will learn more about the prominent cooling techniques used in mattress production.

How Does Temperature Regulating Techniques Mattresses Help Hot Sleepers?

Looking at the consumer’s need for sleeping cool, mattress manufacturers are coming up with innovations in the areas of construction and design of the mattress. Temperature regulation has become a big challenge for them. 

The present-age mattresses intend to provide better circulation of heat and airflow to create a cool sleeping environment for the sleeper. The foam-based mattress uses convection as well as conduction to reduce the retention of heat within the mattress cover. 

In other mattresses, cooling-infused gel-based materials are used with the different layers of the mattress to provide a better cooling system and heat conduction. 

Types Of Cooling Products To Help You Sleep Cool

You can find plenty of products on the market that are designed to create a cool sleeping environment. 

  • Cooling Mattress Toppers

A cooling mattress topper can assist you in lowering the core temperature of the body. Just like the mattress topper, you can select the material of your choice. Latex toppers and gel memory foam are ideal for cooling purposes. They are made with materials that offer incredible moisture-wicking properties. 

  • Cooling Mattress Pads

The addition of a cooling mattress topper modifies the comfort level of the mattress significantly. Mattress pads are thinner as compared to mattress toppers. Their main objective is to cool the bed without changing its firmness of the bed. 

These are also imbibed with certain smart technologies that enable sleepers to set their ideal sleep temperature on their side of the bed.

  • Cooling Mattress Protectors

A mattress protector helps save the mattress from spills, sweat, and dust, which can reduce the condition of the materials in the bed with passing time. These cooling mattress protectors not just save your money, but also give you a refreshing snooze. You can find several best mattress protectors at a low cost in the market. 

Key Temperature Regulating Techniques Used in Mattress Manufacture

Mattress makers have come up with several smart components in the mattress manufacturing process. It aims to provide an ideal sleep environment for the sleeper.

Open Cell Foams

Latex and memory foam mattresses are open-celled foams that have plenty of empty spaces. This helps enhance the circulation of air throughout the bed. Such mattresses replace warm air with fresh air from the surroundings to help you relish a refreshing slumber.


Some mattress manufacturing firms create cuts on the foam surfaces for enhancing the flow of air in the bed. This type of design develops air channels in the layers of the foam to enhance the distribution of heat and provide cooling benefits. 


Some mattresses are designed with perforated latex foam that has pinholes in them. The open-cell structure and the presence of these perforations offer much more sleep temperature regulation and comfort than other foams. 

Innovations in Pocketed Coils

Traditional innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses come with pocketed coils that provide a large amount of free space to ensure an adequate flow of air. 

Mattress manufacturers have taken measures to improve the cooling ability of wrapped coils. The coils are wrapped with breathable non-woven fabric that results in enhanced conforming ability and pressure-relief of mattresses. 

Use of Gel

Mattress manufacturers use gel foam as the uppermost layer that offers better pressure relief and an immediate sensation of coolness when you lie on it. Due to low heat retention, such mattresses keep you cool for a longer period as compared to regular foam. 


Poor sleep leads to a detrimental impact on the overall wellness and health of a person. With these benefits of cooling mattresses, it is now the time to replace your ordinary mattress with the new one. The above information on different types of cooling techniques present in the mattress industry will help you make an informed decision.