Covid-19 affected our lives significantly and the way we lived our day to day life has now been changes to the core. With movement restrictions, people spent most of their time in and around the house which gave them enough opportunity to observe there property closely.

The one of the best painting companies in Texas, Dallas Paints states that more and more property owners have reached them with queries related to home repairs and enhancements. The experts further state that many of their customers did try their hand in painting but could not success and hence decided to leave the job for the experts. But, the primary concern remained the safety of the occupants, especially when there is a virus that is highly contagious.

So, is it safe to allow the painters inside and outside your house at such a time?

Experts state that if you have hired a credible painting company, they will have their own safety and precaution policy against Coronavirus contagion. The best painting service providers will pay emphasis to several safety measures, ensuring you and your family are safe and protected as they work on the painting and enhancement requirements of your property.

Key safety measures by professional painting companies:

To ensure the client enjoys peace of mind, credible painting companies have implemented a range of safety measures including:

  • On demand virtual painting estimates to minimize contact
  • Limited leave behind items
  • Use of personal protective equipment including face masks, gloves, shoe covers, and door mats.
  • High emphasis on hand sanitizing by using alcohol based rubs and washing hands frequently.
  • Maintaining social distancing as per the recommendation of Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Health Canada.
  • Encouraging contactless payment system.

Handling interior projects:

The professional painters understand how important it is to maintain high hygiene and sanitization. Before they enter their house, they will place a doormat on the door, wear shoe covers, face mask and put on their gloves. In order to measure the walls, the professional prefer to use a laser measuring device which minimizes the extent of touching any surface of your house to minimum.

At all times when we work on your interior project evaluation process, we maintain a minimum of six-foot distance from you to follow the health and safety guidelines.

Handling exterior painting projects:

The representatives will stay outside the house and hence the contact will obviously be minimal. Moreover, professional painters will wear all types of PPEs preventing contamination on different surfaces. The painting quotes are send to you on an email, minimizing the use of paper based trail.

What can you do to ensure safety while painting during Coronavirus?

Just like the painting company, you too have a set of safety measures to follow when you let the painters step inside your house for renovation. Try and keep all the doors and windows open for the painters to minimize their touch on your high-touch surfaces. Also, you must not forget to use PPEs including gloves and masks. Keep alcohol based rubs handy and provide the painters with water and soap access, although they would have their own arrangements. Do not step too closer to the painters or the painting estimation team.

You can safely work on a painting project with a credible painting company at any time if you follow the right course of action. Keep this safety protocol in mind and ensure a safe and awesome painting project during COVID-19.