Increase your productivity with an Igaming affiliate platform 

Are you trying to gain some more work? Are you or your business looking to create some more marketing connections? Well, you’re in the right place. An iGaming affiliate platform is the perfect place to form professional relationships between iGaming operators and affiliates. The two work hand in hand to ensure online gambling services and products are promoted effectively. 

The iGaming affiliate industry has become extremely popular in the last few years. This means that there are a few key players that you should be aware of. Sometimes, simply the knowledge of who is out there is all you need to find your big break. Work out the affiliate network that will work for you, and you can start making money almost immediately! 

What is an iGaming Affiliate Network?

An iGaming affiliate network is a platform or organization that facilitates marketing partnerships between online gambling operators and independent affiliates. It’s a place to connect and find work! By online gambling operators, I mean organizations such as casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and any other form of online gambling. 

Typically, the iGaming affiliate platform starts with online operators joining the network. Often, they join in seeking to increase their customer outreach or improve their online presence. After this, independent affiliates will sign up for the same platform. The platform operates as the middleman. It connects operators and affiliates and acts as a space where jobs can be tracked. It’s very clever, really!

One of the main benefits of an iGaming affiliate platform is the professional expertise that you gain from using a network. These sites feature tools designed to get the maximum number of jobs while staying up-to-date with payments and are an invaluable way to either get yourself into the industry, or find support if you feel lost or overwhelmed.

Top iGaming Affiliate Networks in the Industry

Several iGaming affiliate networks are considered top in the industry. They are known to be reputable, reliable, and efficient. An iGaming affiliate network often earns this high status by providing a dynamic range of opportunities, attractive commissions on jobs, and high levels of support. Here are just a few of the big players. However, bear in mind these lists do change regularly! 

  • Matching Visions 
  • Imonetizeit 
  • Kindred Affiliates
  • RP Affiliates 
  • Income Access
  • EGO (EGaming Online)
  • Bet 365 Affiliates 

Emerging Players in the iGaming Affiliate Network Industry

The iGaming affiliate network is constantly evolving; it is almost impossible to keep track of! There are lots of emerging contenders as well as trends within the industry. For example, there has been a real increase in niche-specific networks. This means platforms that, rather than offering a wide range of operators, focus more on very specific operators. This may take the form of Esports betting or cryptocurrency. 

Another example of emerging players in the iGaming affiliate network industry is the increase in localized networks. Networks that cater to a specific geographical location. This can be valuable in certain areas where there are different rules or regulations surrounding online gambling. Equally, AI affiliate networks are starting to emerge, although these are still very new. With the ever-changing technological landscape, it is no surprise that the online affiliate landscape is also rapidly changing.

Criteria for Evaluating Key Players

When evaluating key players within the iGaming affiliate world, it is important to know what sort of qualities and values you are looking for. The network’s credibility is often very important. However, this may not be readily available if it is a new platform. Other qualities to look out for are good commission structures, effective payment terms, and a surplus of marketing tools and resources. 

In Conclusion 

Overall, an iGaming affiliate network can be a great way to ensure you are being the most successful operator or affiliate you can be. The platform acts as the perfect mediator and removes a lot of the work and stress that may come with trying to navigate this industry on your own. 

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