Have you come across a website that is not in your native language? What did you do? Did you consult Google translate or left the site? Do you want potential customers to go for the same unpleasant experience? Probably No. For this, you must go for website localization services.

What is Website Localization?

In this digital era, every business even if it is dealing in retail is developing its website. Your first customer contact is through the website. With the help of a website, you can educate potential customers about your business without commuting anywhere. According to an estimate, 72.1 percent of the customers tend to browse the website which is in their native language. Moreover, 72.4 percent of the consumers tend to buy products and services if the information is provided in their mother tongue. So website translation is so important.

What is website localization? Website localization is translating the website while keeping regional and cultural nuances in view. Therefore, you must alter your website according to the preferences and tastes of the target market. Whether it is graphic design, currency, date, and time, it should resonate with the target culture. Global companies are investing a large amount of money in website localization services so that websites become so compelling that people are forced to buy products.

Benefits of Website Localization

Game developers go for game localization services so that people download more games. Similarly, global companies go for website localization services so that more and more people get to know about their products and services and buy them. Let’s have a look at the benefits of website localization.

Access More People  

Do you know that out of 4 million internet users only 25% of people can speak English? And Asia alone has seven times more internet users than North America. Therefore to cater to the other 75% of the digital audience, you must localize your website. In this way, you can access more people that you couldn’t have been able to access before.

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It is estimated that 90% of Europeans will browse a website that is in their mother tongue. Moreover, 42% will buy products if the description of products is in their language.  By localizing the website, you can access 90% of potential European consumers and compel 22% of people to buy your products and services.  Isn’t this a worthwhile investment?

Offer Better User Experience

Localization of a website is the customization of the site according to the potential customer’s requirements. The graphic and layout of the website should resonate with the culture. No such color is used in a marketing campaign that is offensive in the target market as white is considered a color of grief in India. Therefore a localized website that resonates with culture provides a very pleasant user experience and people feel that website is designed for them.  With your effort of website localization, people will feel that you are giving respect to them. Therefore you can convert browsers to users.

Improves SEO Ranking

Each localized version of your site plays an important role in increasing the traffic to a website. Developing an SEO strategy containing multiple languages will create a positive impact and rank your site high among other websites. Each page of the localized website contains a separate URL. More SEO strategies and more URLs will result in high rankings that result in more conversion and sales. After the localization of the website, you don’t have to stuff the content with keywords. Here you must use local keywords for example for a UK audience, you will have to use the word Jumpers instead of sweaters.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

In this fierce competition, you cannot overlook your competitors. Are they localizing their website?  Then what are you waiting for? If they are localizing their website then you should also go for website translation services with the help of professional translation companies. In this way, you can get ahead of them and gain a competitive advantage. In this way, potential customers can find you before their competitors. If you are already working on a translation of the websites then don’t ignore the localization part. It will have a significant impact on the potential customers.

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Increase Credibility

Establishing and maintaining credibility in the global market is a very tough task. When you localize your website in multiple languages then people feel that your company is concerned about them thus your credibility is established in the market. Moreover, with the localized content, they feel that they are given due respect as a consumer. Additionally, they find the content easy to understand which creates a positive user experience. As more and more people are inclined to browse your company website, they will revisit because of your company’s sound credibility and become loyal customers. Moreover, they will also recommend your website to family and friends that increases sales.

People Get More Engaged with Your Company

If people find your website easy to navigate and easy to comprehend then there is a probability that people will get engaged with your business. They will check your social posts on other platforms and spread a good mouth of information. They can even sign up for email newsletter and eventually become a customer.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to localize your website?  The time, money, and effort that you will put into website localization will give you high revenues. As a layman, you cannot localize a website, therefore, it is recommended to hire a professional translation company. They can provide you with robust website localization services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates.


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