You are a frequent online shopper who came across during your search? Before you place your first order, it is important to understand the facts.

Are you a fan of shopping online, but afraid of scam websites? You don’t have to be afraid. We are here for you., an ecommerce site, sells a wide range of tools and home goods for a modern lifestyle.

We’ll be explaining to you why Kevincza Reviews is so popular among American customers in this article.

About Kevincza, an ecommerce site, sells products for pets, technology, and outdoor sports. Online shopping is easy and secure.

  • Furniture, Gaming Chairs and Pet Supplies.
  • Accessories, health and beauty, telescopes
  • Tech gadgets, sports, led lights, and other hot products.

You can find products that suit your hobbies, interests, passions, and lifestyle on the platform. The interface is simple and intuitive.

You can pay with PayPal, Mastercard Credit/Debit Cards and Visa. Let’s now discuss the legitimacy and legality of this website. Is Kevincza Legit or not?

Specifications :

Customers should be aware of these points in order to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of any website:

  • Website domain created on: 30 June 2021. This means it was newly created. It is only 15 days old, so it’s not very reliable.
  • Most of the items don’t have any reviews.
  • will refund customers who return their product within 14 days.
  • Email: [email protected] is the best way to reach customer support. Contact us at (503)816-4869
  • This website sells items that are specific to hobbies, sports, professions, work, and other interests.
  • You must keep the original packaging.
  • They accept payments via Paypal and debit/credit cards.

Kevincza Reviews: Some Important Fact-Checks


  • This website offers a variety of products, including home and sports essential tools.
  • The website’s design is appealing and easy to use.
  • Their registered office address can be found on the website: Mykola Topalo 20351 NE Halsey St Fairview Oregon 97024.
  • Accepted Payments: Paypal, Debit/Credit Cards
  • Products are available for outdoor, home, hobby and sports passions, as well as professions, technology, and more.
  • With well-defined policies, you can get a refund or a return.
  • To place an order, you will need to log in/sign up


  • Kevincza Review saren’t very trustworthy as no customer reviews are available under the products.
  • Inadequate contact details, and low trust scores from different sources are two reasons why trust was not created.
  • This domain was recently created and cannot be trusted. This type of website has a short life expectancy.
  • The domain was only recently registered so their daily visits are low and the website has very little traffic.
  • There are no features such as tracking and offers on the website.
  • Although address and owner information are listed, this can sometimes be misleading.
  • They didn’t mention the seller/vendor details for products.

Is Kevincza Legal?

Domain age This domain was registered on 30 June 2021. It was created in just two weeks. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust fields with ages less than ten. I.e. It’s a new link, so it might not be very secure.

Trust ranking 20-10-132020-10-13

Trust ranking – Because the link is completely new, trust ranks from different sources can drop as low as 1% on some dissecting sites. Even if the link is legitimate, it can take quite a while to build its trust rank.

Social media icons Any popular product or website that is legitimate and productive can be discussed on social media and the internet. Other than their email, we could not locate any social icons or links on the website. Kevincza Reviewunderstands this as no social media activity has been identified. This makes the website suspect.

Customer reviews Although they offer a large selection of products, we couldn’t find any products with customer reviews. This indicates that the website isn’t very popular as it was just launched and has yet to make a name for itself in the market. Website authenticity and authenticity are confirmed by customer reviews. The website is therefore untrustworthy if it does not have customer reviews.

Final Verdict

Kevincza Reviews are quite cynical. It was just registered, but it has received very little traffic and customer reviews. A low trust score raises more questions. Although there are many products available, speculation has occurred. These websites offer poor customer service and are best avoided. We do not recommend that readers visit such websites or fall for their fake policies.