Kenapa Brimo General Error: As the world moves closer to the digital platform, the banking sector has also undergone a digital shift. We used to go to banks to deposit or withdraw money, but now we have ATMs around us that give you cash at any time, and moreover, we have internet banking.

Online banking allows you to make transactions directly from your online bank account, anytime, anywhere. Sometimes even online servers face traffic and error issues that can cause problems for users.

This article is about how Indonesia encounters an online banking error on a banking site. Read the full article to find out more.

About the application page and the general Kenapa Brimo error

Bank Rakyat Indonesia, also known as BRI, has created an app and website for its users so they can continue using online services, but the app has had server issues for a few days now. The layout they chose is different from other online banking services and is easy to use.

Let’s read about user problems and complaints.


Stopped applications, site unreachable: This is when the user’s version is not updated and therefore does not support the latest version. Check for the latest updates available for your phone and update them as soon as possible to continue using online banking.

Logged out of the application: the server is under technical update; therefore, you cannot use the app or website.

One Time Password Not Received: A general Kenapa Brimo error can also occur if you enter the wrong One Time Password or you do not receive it. Check the network connection by restarting the phone.

Username and password disconnected: Occurs when an incorrect username or password has been entered more than three times. You can contact customer service or visit your bank to recover your account.

Unable to load data and check balances – This happens when the server is down or the site encounters a technical glitch.

Is the error common?

In the tech world, these glitches and errors are common because they occurred due to server problems. It can be solved by logging in after some time or by uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

How to fix the error

• You can fix Kenapa Brimo General error in the application by uninstalling the application and reinstalling it. You can also log out and log in by entering your username and password after some time.

• You can refresh the page after a few minutes.

• Clear all unnecessary cache and cookies to remove other site data

• Change network settings or disconnect from Wi-Fi.

• Try to connect to different network modes.


BRI users are encountering the Kenapa Brimo general bug which is typical and expected to be resolved by the server soon. If the errors have been fixed and the problem persists while using the website or app, go to your bank to have it resolved. Online banking errors are rectified quickly because many people are dependent on them for their transactions.

If you run into more problems or have any solution to use the app, please mention the comments section below.