The winter Olympics have kept viewers watching their TVs. The events that take place within Beijing, China, have players from all over the world. Each game has attracted attention from the public one of the events that has received the most attention during the winter Olympics is the skeleton run.

According to reports the thrilling game was played with Kelly Curtis from the United States. The news has been announced that Kelly Curtis was the winner, the internet is filled by fans wanting to learn what they can concerning Kelly Curtis. Therefore, we provide you all the details on Kelly Curtis Parents and her life.

What is Skeleton Race?

The winter Olympics are hosted within Beijing the capital of China. So, before we go into detail upon Kelly Curtis, let us take a look at Skeleton Competition. Skeleton can be described as the sport of winter that is slid downhill that is an adrenaline-rush sport.

In this sport, the participant takes a ride in a small, sledge known as the skeleton bobsled. The racer then slides down onto a skeleton Bobsled, lying face down, head first.

We will give more information on Kelly Curtis Olympics and other details on the athletes in the coming sections.

More Information About Kelly Curtis

  • Kelly Curtis raced on a frozen track with a speed of more than 80 miles per hour.
  • She is among the three Americans from the United States to take on the medal, including Kelly Curtis being one of the three.
  • In addition, she made history by being the first athlete of African descent to represent America US at the Olympics game.
  • Additionally, she went on to compete against other competitors on February 10, 2022.

Who is Kelly Curtis Parents?

Kelly Curtis participated the skeleton competition in the Winter Olympics. In addition, she became one of the very first American or black athlete to represent in the Olympics in the U.S. In addition, the 33-year-old athlete is also a part of the Air Force in the U.S. to compete at the winter Olympics.

According to the reports, Kelly Curtis grew up in an family of athletes from New Jersey. Her mother was a part in the fitness community. In contrast her father was a player in the NFL. In addition, her siblings were avid sports athletes more specifically than Kelly Curtis Olympics.

She is grateful to her family as well as Jeff Milliron, her husband for their support and coaching her to take part in winter games.

Final Conclusion

According to reports, Kelly Curtis relied on the development programs for athletes as well as grants to train in order to get close to her goal of competing in the Skeleton contest. Additionally, in the year 2020, she had the chance to participate in the world championships in Skeleton within Europe.

After having won the game she became an individual from the community within the US to be a participant in the Olympic match.