This is the digital age; thanks to websites, we can shop anywhere. It became very easy. We present here a web portal that brings you the latest fashion clothes in the United States,

But it claims to reach all parts of the world thanks to convenient logistics. Their dream is to promote the latest fashion clothes around the world. Your satisfaction is their priority.

Despite this, research is ongoing among Americans regarding the accuracy of this site. Read our review article to find out that this web portal is genuine or bogus.

What is the Kelemora web portal? is an online store; convenient logistics can deliver dresses all over the world; their goal is not to design products at the lowest price, but to pursue high-quality products at reasonable prices.

This internet portal deals with women’s clothing, eg evening party dress, bathing suits, pajamas, etc. In addition to clothes, it offers ladies’ high heels, accessories and bags. This ensures that the material quality of the product is not cheap. Here is the complete package for women in our Reviews article.


• Type of portal: This is an internet portal that offers women all kinds of fashionable clothes, high heels, accessories, high-quality bags.

• Address: 4/4, Bloomsbury-square, London, England, WC1A-2RP

• Website:

• E-mail address: [email protected]

• Contact number: 442032899821

• Exchange Policy: Only applicable when the product is in its original condition.

• Order Cancellation: Buyers can use this feature, but it has some exceptions.

• Shipping Policy: Global Standard Shipping takes 15-25 days.

• Shipping Charges: Free shipping over purchase amount of $ 79.

• Return Policy: Customers have 24 hours to return the product upon receipt.

• Refund: is available.

• Is legal: Some important information is missing.

• Payment methods: Pay Pal.


• Many varieties of products are available, such as wetsuits, bathing suits, pajamas, party dresses etc. Affordable.

• It also offers ladies’ high heels, accessories and bags made of good quality material.

• Site includes a return, then a refund, then an available exchange policy.


• Relevant reviews are not available.

• The popularity of the brand is low.

• The address listed on the website is not the same as the return policy.

• The address is invalid.

• The cost of shipping is paid by the customer if the product is defective and the customer returns the product; This is not okay.

Is legal?

Here we consider a few points to know the accuracy of the web portal; after discussion, we can conclude that website is legitimate or not. We start-

• Brand creation date: was created on 11/27/2020

• Contact person: not listed

• Domain name:

• Social presence: Social media icons are available but not redirected to the site’s profile page.

• Address: the address is not authentic; in addition, it is not written on the site, a photo is attached.

• Content copied: 100% content piracy.

• Missing information: no information about the brand.

• Confidence rating: It’s terrible, only 2%.

• Reviews: There are no reviews available.

• Brand Demand: Popular brand tagging is not appropriate.

• Payment method: only singlemode available.

Here we consider the above discussion, which shows a negative attitude towards the internet portal, so its site is not secure, it is suspicious.

Customer comments about the Kelemora website:

This web portal is not accurate. On the leading review platform Trustpilot, this site has not collected a single review from US customers.

Kelemora has no active social media profile. Therefore, the site does not have any ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Leading social media platforms. As a result, we could not observe any reviews about the products on the social marketing platforms.

There are no reviews that also mention that this is not an accurate portal. It might be suspicious. Without a proper review, we cannot risk shopping on these portals.

Final Verdict:

In the meantime, this web portal offers a variety of products for women at preferential prices with a guarantee of keeping quality, but before buying, the buyer should remember the key point that this web portal is real or not.

You have to believe in all things on the website. Additionally, the level of trust is terrible; review is lacking, so buyers need to think about this before buying; should ensure the accuracy of the site by checking it before purchasing the product.