Are you struggling to find a reasonable online store? Here is an incredible United States. Based online store – So, before claiming anything about its legitimacy, let’s take a look at Keepcutie’s Assessments.

What is is a website that handles a wide range of daily products, such as clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, car accessories. It is a large B2C online store that promotes cross-border exports. The store is not very old, it has been 5 months since the store was launched online.


• Site type – an e-commerce site

• Payment methods – Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Union Pay, JCB, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International and Paypal.

• Shipping duration – 3-5 working days

• Shipping charges – for orders up to $ 58.99, shipping charges are $ 8 and for orders over $ 59, shipping is free

• Return – within 14 days of purchase

• Refunds – within 7 days

• Products – Lens protector, flexible LED, waterproof automotive film, women’s leggings, appliances, children’s clothing and many other products.

• Company physical address – not mentioned

• Company contact email ID –

• Company contact number – not mentioned

• Domain age – 5 months 14 days

Shopping Pros at

• 100% customer satisfaction

• Is using the Shopify platform

• It is a registered website and is registered by a company in China

• Keepcutie Reviews shows that the website uses an email server

• It uses the HTTPS protocol to protect user information from being misused by other sites

Cons of buying at

• Alexa ranking is not good, which shows that the site is not popular enough to attract good traffic

• Guest comments cannot be seen on this website

• No presence on social networks at

• The domain is only 5 months old, which is not enough to check whether the site is legitimate or not

• Confidence rate of only 2%, which means that customers and other sites do not trust the site.

• Products can only be purchased online.

 Is keepcutie legit?

The research work done to verify the legitimacy of shows that the site could be a scam. The domain was acquired on July 20, 2020 in the United States. The site has no presence on social networks, except for a Facebook page. The traffic on the website is very low. Although the site uses an HTTPS connection, this is not always secure. Sometimes, it was shown only to deceive customers. The home page if the site is quite attractive. But no one should judge a website’s legitimacy by appearance. The site cannot be judged anytime soon, as the domain name is not very old.

What are Keepcutie ratings?

People who buy on this site need to be very cautious, as the trust index of this site is very low, the Alexa ranking is not good and the site does not seem popular either. No customer comments found for this site. The presence on social networks plays a very important role nowadays. If a brand is not present on any social media identifier or if the popularity of social media is not good, the brand cannot be considered as providing high customer satisfaction. The external appearance can never tell about the legitimacy of any website. So, if you are looking for an answer to the question “Is the Keepcutie legit?” So your answer is “No”. The online store has an image that cannot be evaluated anytime soon. The site appears to be involved with some sites considered to be scam. The popularity and trust index of this site is not convincing enough to make anyone believe that the site is legal. The HTTPS connection, which can be trusted or not, also does not point to the legitimacy of the website.

Although the store is available on Shopify, a platform customers trust. If you are thinking of buying anything from this site, read these Keepcutie reviews and decide according to your risk.

The site can be legitimate by verifying the facts that it has Shopify support, uses an HTTPS connection and protects its customers’ personal information from being leaked. But it can be considered a scam because of its involvement with several other sites that are already scam sites, no address has been mentioned, no contact number is there.

Final verdict

All of the above facts state that the site can be a scam. Many people cannot trust a newly formed store because it does not have adequate customer feedback to give a clear picture of the store. Keepcutie reviews are sufficient to comment on the legitimacy of the site.


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