Try Sildenafil Tablets for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from the internet, the other greatest development of all time was the sildenafil pill. Also known as the “little blue pill”, this medication was originally marketed under the brand name, Viagra. Since then, it has been released under various trade names by generic manufacturers, all of which are equally as good as the original, but far less costly. 

Sildenafil was first created to be a medication to treat angina. This is a condition that is characterized by chest pain, which is associated with the heart. While the medication was initially developed to treat angina, researchers found that the pill was extraordinarily good at inducing erections. This made way for the creation of the little blue pill and opened a whole new market for men with erectile dysfunction (or ED). 

Many men suffer in silence with ED because they are too ashamed to admit they have a problem or are too embarrassed to seek help. It doesn’t have to be this way though. We have created a discreet and easy way to get the help you need for ED and it can be used from the comfort of your home. Our pharmacy is a retailer of popular generic Viagra at affordable prices that suit everyone’s budget. 

What Other Forms of Sildenafil Are There?

The sildenafil tablets are by far the most well-known and used form of generic Viagra. These are the conventional hard pills that are taken like any other tablet. But there are other forms of generic Viagra medication that can be found as well. For example, Kamagra, which is a popular generic brand of Viagra, offers a range of different formulations, such as oral jellies and dissolvable pills. 

The oral jelly is a sildenafil medication that is becoming increasing popular among men with ED. This form of medication is easy to use and comes in a sachet. To take the medication, you simply have to squeeze the contents of the sachet into your mouth and swallow. You do not need water to take this medication or even a spoon, which means you can use the treatment anywhere and at any time. 

The oral jelly is also fast-acting. Unlike the tablets, the jelly dissolves in your mouth to release the active ingredient (sildenafil). For the conventional tablets to release the active ingredient, they have to be first be processed in the body. But the oral jelly does not go through the standard route of digestion and works rather quickly (as soon as the medication dissolves in the mouth). 

Should Sildenafil Be Taken an Hour Before Intercourse?

The time you take sildenafil depends on the form of medication you are using. For the standard sildenafil 100mg  tablets and capsules, it is best that you take the medication an hour before you intend on engaging in sexual intercourse. These pills require time to be processed in the body before the active ingredient can be absorbed into the bloodstream. 

If you are using the oral jelly, you only need to take the medication about 15 minutes prior to having sex. This form does not need time to be processed in the body as it works as soon as the medication is swallowed. With such a quick onset of action, the oral jelly is suited for those who would like to respond to spontaneous sexual cues as well as those who prefer not to swallow hard tablets. The sachet medication is also simple to use because you do not require water or a spoon to take it.

What Should I Know Before Taking Sildenafil?

Many men find taking sildenafil the best way to restore good health to their sex life. However, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to take the medication. To begin with, sildenafil is not a sexual performance medication, meaning it does not boost your libido. It is only intended for the treatment of ED and should not be used for any other reasons (including those that are recreational). 

The pill is designed to be taken in a certain way and this should be done by following the recommended usage and dosage advice, as found in the medication guide of the treatment. 

If you have previously used this medication and experienced a prolonged erection, you should discontinue treatment and not take sildenafil again. A prolonged erection is one that lasts for several hours and it is dangerous to your health as it can cause damage to the penis. The blood trapped within the penis will have to be medically removed in these cases, which is a process that is done by a medical professional. 

For more warnings on sildenafil, refer to the enclosed leaflet. This is the paper handout that can be found within the packaging of the medication. 

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