Do you enjoy watching Basketball? Which one do you admire the most? If you are a fan of Basketball you may have heard of Juwan Howard from his home country of the United States. Juwan Howard has been an excellent player and coach too.

This article is about Juwan Howard Wiki and his personal life. If you are not aware about his professional or personal life as well as accomplishments, this article will assist you. Please take the time to read the article until the end and it will motivate you.

who Is Juwan Howard?

Howard is a well-known former basketball player from America. Howard was born on the 7th of February 1973. He is currently the head coach for the men’s team, Michigan Wolverines. He completed his high schooling through Chicago Vocational. He then went on to graduate from Michigan College. He started his professional career in the year 1994 as a basketball player and was part of the Washington Bullets/ Wizards.

More on Juwan Howard Wiki

According to the reports, a tension between the head coach for Wolverines and Badgers has been evident. The last time the two teams played both teams, Wolverines were defeated by the Badgers. Juwan hit Joe Krabbenhoft. He didn’t shake hands with Greg Gard, coach of Wisconsin. Juwan was furious over the timeout decision that was made late and got physically aggressive with the team following the loss of the game. The incident was recorded on video footage where he raised his arms and it appeared like he attempted to punch Gard. According to a source online it was a sham move by a famous coach.

According to Juwan Howard’s Wiki The scuffle ended horrendous as Juwan struck Wisconsin’s assistant. This was inhumane and many were furious over the incident.

What caused the scuffle to take place?

The fight started when the two coaches argued after the game. They were talking in the handshake line and Juwan did not shake his hands. The discussion between them became heated and escalated into a fight. A lot of players fought However, Howard ran over the other player in anger and escalated into a violent confrontation. Juwan was not doing the right thing, and has to apologize for the mistake.

According to Juwan Howard’s Wiki We will also update you on Juwan’s reactions after the game.

Was Juwan have to say after the game?

In the press conference after the game, Juwan confirmed that he was not a fan of the late timeout and that it was unjust at the final whistle. He also said that someone had touched him and he was a bit agitated. He didn’t like it touching anyone. Therefore the player became violent with other team members.


In closing this article in the last paragraph, we have informed you about the latest fight that took place during the Sunday match. Two coach were in the middle of a dispute. Based on Juwan Howard Wiki Juwan Howard Wiki, the coach in charge Juwan became violent in the rage.