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Contact: Justin Fields

Basketball Trainer


The US, 23/01/2023: You are unable to win if you have never felt how to lose. Every game demands a fully focused mindset, passion, and strength to stay fit by showing gaming skills in the fields. Justin Fields is on a mission to spread out his basketball coaching skills to turn all the weak areas of the young passionate players into their greatest strength. It will definitely give new opportunities to all basketball players around the world. 

Justin Field is considered the most experienced basketball trainer so far and successfully runs his basketball training facility in Canada. His mindblowing basketball career reflects in  his past achievements and skills, where he used to play pro ball in Beijing for two years as a shooting guard to defend his team. 

Justin came up with a dynamic approach to go for his own training facility to help kids accomplish their dreams of playing in international basketball leagues and tournaments worldwide. He has trained countless players, including young athletes, former coaches, and passionate player who aims to be the best in the basketball arena. 

Justin seems unstoppable with his creative training sessions, where he majorly works on players’ weaknesses such as defense, shooting, and driving and focuses on training prep kids to get them to play on an international level of basketball leagues. Justin trained and boosted the confidence of thousands of emerging new talent in the basketball scene. His training facility is open to all, and anyone can join him to improve their game with his game-changing playing skills.