Did you ever wonder how Clarence Thomas rose to the top in his career. Did you also know that Clarence Thomas’ wife was a staunch Republican supporter? Did you hear about Thomas’ hospitalization?

People around the globe await the Ketanji nomination to be Supreme Court Judge. You can read this article to find out more about Justice Supreme Court Clarence Thomas as well as the most recent happenings in his life.

Clarence Thomas’

Thomas was born in a small community of predominantly black people near Savannah at Pinpoint, Georgia, USA on 23 June 1948. He graduated from Yale University’s Juris Doctor program in 1974 after completing his studies at the College of the Holy Cross.

Thomas is currently 73 years old. He is the second-oldest Supreme Court judge, following Breyer (83), and will soon be retiring. He is also the second Black man to have been elected to the Supreme Court. He succeeded Thurgood Marsh, who was the first Black Supreme Court Judge.

Justice Supreme Court Clarence Thomas & his wife:

Thomas was initially disappointed because no recruiter was interested in Thomas’ J.D. degree. Thomas started his career 1974 as an Assistant attorney general. While he was promoted to more senior positions, he was appointed Supreme Court Judge and was able to vote in Senate on the 15th of October 1991. He was officially sworn in as a judge on 23 Oct 1991 by Byron White.

Virginia Thomas (wife of Clarence Thomas) was involved with sending 29 messages, all in an effort to overturn election results in November 2020.

The messages contained no reference to Justice Supreme Court Clarence Thomas. She asked him to come up with a plan so America could be saved by the Democrats.

On the 6th of January 2021, there was an attack at the U.S. Capitol after Joe Biden had won in 2020. CBS had obtained a copy Virginia’s messages to Mark. Later, many protesters were able to get copies of the messages. It was not clear from whom these messages were received.

Thomas hospitalization:

Thomas, who suffered from flu-like symptoms, received admission to Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington, D.C., the 18th of March 2022. He was unresponsive to questions about his health from the Supreme Court. However, hospital officials stated that Clarence Thomas the Justice Supreme Court was gradually recovering thanks to antibiotics and would be discharged in two days.


Ketanji brown Jackson, a 51 years old federal judge that the Republicans scrutinized for various reasons is the latest trending news. Joe Biden nominates Ketanji for Thomas. Voting in the Senate will take place on April 4. If she is elected, she will be appointed no later than 8th April. She will also become the first Black woman to serve as Supreme Court Judge.