Ho-Yeon was born on 23rd June, 1994 at Seoul the capital of South Korea. Jung is a actress and model. Her followers are from Australia and in the United States, and India would like to know more about her family members due to her amazing performance as Kang Sae-byeok on her role in the NetFlix the series Squid Game. She signed up for Squid Game on NetFlix series on 17th Sep 2021 and in less than a month she had more than 14.8 million people following her in Instagram @hoooooyeony.

We will check out Jung Ho-Yeon’s siblings below.

About Jung Ho-Yeon:

She is ranked at the top of the list among the top fashion models and as a Top Model. She was also named the top Korean model via social networks on 04/Oct/2021.Jung is a flamboyant model who made her debut in the fashion world in the age of 16 years old. She was a part of numerous fashion shows. Her career picked up in the year 2017.

Jung was an actor in four music videos, various TV shows as well as commercials. Jung is single and not married. But, she does have an ex-boyfriend named Lee Dong-hwi who is also in the entertainment and fashion industries. The couple began dating in the year 2016.

Jung Ho-Yeon Siblings:

Jung finished her education in Hyewon Girls’ School. She graduated with modeling as a major course at Dongduk Women’s University.

Jung is her name of her surname. The name she is given is Chung. Chung has 2 siblings. She is the oldest among two siblings, a brother and a sister. She’s aged 27. Jung’s sister is 2 years older than her. Her information regarding her family members is hidden from the general public. The names, their personal and professional lives that her brothers and sisters have are not known.

There is information in reliable information suggests she was forced to earn a living to support her family. Jung Ho-Yeon’s Siblings , her younger brother, is being educated. She stated that she wants to teach him, and then be back with their mom. The information about her parents as well as their lives are also kept from the general public.

The social media accounts that Jung’s older sister has have only a little information and the her social accounts have been identified as Hoyeon. After further analysis, Jung’s sister’s account name was tagged with the name MoMi. However, there isn’t any information that matches this name. Her surname and first name are not available. So, her name is still unknown.

Jung frequently posts photos of her brothers. Through analysis of the photo taken by Jung Ho-Yeon’s siblings It appears to be that the boy is 11 and 13 year old (or) between 14 and 17 years younger Jung and suggests that he could have been born in the latter part of 2000. Jung goes to various locations around the globe to film. Pictures of her brother when she returns home suggests that her brother may be somewhere in South Korea.


It is not clear why Jung did not disclose her family’s details in interviews or on any online encyclopedia, as there aren’t any security concerns being raised for her at this time. Jung Ho-Yeon’s Siblings financial assistance to help her brother educate him is a source of concern for her parents’ financial support for the family as well as the financial support for the family. However her efforts are greatly valued.