Are you a fan of spending time in the kitchen? Nowadays, the kitchen isn’t just a kitchen. It’s a living space. It’s a place to cook, eat, and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Today, we’ll be exploring Juicebegonia.

It is mentioned on their website that they offer A United States-owned Shopping site. However, the address on their website tells a completely different story. Due to the growing trend of online frauds, it is important that consumers be cautious before making a purchase from any online store. This article will explain.Juicebegonia Reviews We will discuss all the key points that can be used to verify the legitimacy of this website.

What is Juicebegonia?

Every home has a kitchen that plays an important role. You can’t substitute the taste and quality of home-cooked food no matter how much you love junk food. Today we’ll be looking at the website that sells all necessary kitchenware such as a vegetable peeler and jar opener.

They offer heavy discounts as well as a 2-year warranty on all their products. The most important question is: Is Juicebegonia legit? 

Specification of Juicebegonia

  • URL –
  • Registration date: 10th November 2020
  • Domain age: 9 Months
  • Email [email protected]
  • No. Contact no.
  • Address: -344-354 Gray’s Inn Road London, Greater London England, WC1X8BP
  • Social Media Presence – Not available on any social media platform
  • Return Policy – Refunds are available within 14 days from receipt
  • Shipping Policy – Within 48 hours of receipt of your order
  • Payment method- PayPal, Visa card & Master card

Juicebegonia: The Pros

  • Valid SSL Certificate
  • You can get very attractive discounts

Cons of Juicebegonia

  • Juicebegonia Review are missing from the internet
  • They have pinned their social icons, but they are not working when clicked
  • Poor trust score of 1% given by scam advisor
  • The customer is not at ease with the refund policy. It is extremely complicated
  • The contact information you have provided is not authentic
  • The shipping information column appears very suspicious, as the details given are not easily understood.
  • Alexa rank is very low, too
  • Although they do offer discounts, some products are quite expensive.
  • This site has been around for almost nine months. It is still not very well-known.

Is Juicebegonia legal?

Legitimacy is essential for any business. This is especially true in online businesses where you may not have met the seller personally and aren’t familiar with their business. Let’s take a look at some of the key points we have discovered while researching this website.

  • They have posted their social media icons on the website. However, when we tried to open them they didn’t exist. This is not good for trust building.
  • It’s also concerning that the portal is young and few people have visited it.
  • While searching for this article Juicebegonia Reviews,We found that all their products are markedly discounted.
  • Scam advisor doesn’t consider this site trustworthy because they have only given 1 % trust.
  • The refund policy is misleading.
  • They only deal with one category of products.
  • WHOIS data are not available
  • It is not specified which address the product must be returned in case it is returned.

If you aren’t willing to take risks, discounts and cheap products should not be a priority. These key points are indicative that online shopping is based on trust.

Juicebegonia Reviews: What is it?

We could not find any customer reviews on the internet within nine months of the product’s existence. The products available seem to be of high quality build quality. Their products are regularly offered at discounts and sale. However, there are many things that concern this website. They have fake social media icons, a bogus refund policy and their contact information.

Negative points outweigh positive ones. Customers should seek out genuine reviews before purchasing in such situations.

This article is now complete. Juicebegonia Reviews We concluded that this website is not trustworthy and should be avoided. We have not seen any positive signs for all the major points we discussed. It’s better not to take unnecessary risks than to wait.