You are looking for information about the Sacklers and the history of the opioid crisis. This article will talk about the push of drug sales by a family member, and how Dr. Sacker was questioned under oath regarding the marketing OxyContin.

The people ofUnited StatesWe are eagerly seeking outUse to judge for yourself.The documentary about Dr. Richard Sackler was intended to show his involvement in the opioid crisis.

Let’s begin by understanding what it is.

How do you judge yourself?

It is the repository document on Dr. Richard Sackler. He owns Purdue Pharma which makes OxyContin. This work was created by Soren Kikeregaard, a Danish Philosopher.

Soren Kierkegaard’s companion book Self- Examination provided an overview of The Judge for Yourself.

Richard Sackler is being deposed!

The deposition of Dr. Sackerler was conducted by lawyers for 8 hours in 2015. You can view his deposition directly via Judge for, which is being published by ProPublica.

The company that makes OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, is owned by Dr. Sackler. It fought for its release for three years.

Information on DEA License

DEA has been prescribing opioids to registered physicians. These prescriptions are being written by DEA-registered physicians. Studies have shown that Purdue was not involved. Many people misuse opioids, and eventually get them from their relatives or friends.

American Journal published a Psychiatry study in 2007 that showed that 27,816 individuals were admitted to rehab centers.

The Washington Post stated on 4 May 2020 that this was the most important story about how the opioid crisis in America occurred.

Use to judge for yourself.Let us know if you are going bankrupt

Many families were affected, many of them suffering from the effects of these drugs. Many of those families sent letters to Judge Robert D. Drain which was filed with bankruptcy court.

Let us share a few!

Stephanie wrote that on January 6, 2021, “he was a small fish, in a big sea, who also got trapped by Sackler family greed and suffered a lot, and also had been spending a lot of money.”

Mary Butler-Fink wrote on 15 July 2021 that she had “lost her son” and demanded justice.

So, here are the details:Judge for Yourself.comLearn more about Dr. Richard Sackler’s devastations.

Transcripts of phone calls made during a bankrupt hearing

The page for transcript calls will allow you to access the bankrupt hearing regarding the Dr. Sackler Opioid cases.

Let us share with you one transcript of the bankruptcy hearing!

Kimberly Krawczyk transcript: 15/12/2021, “in the 2012 epidemic he lost his brother, and want to share about him”

Final words

Our research has shown that you should be aware of the following before taking any drug.Use to judge for yourself.Talk to a trusted doctor about the benefits and risks of this treatment.

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