This research on Jossec Reviews will help you find if this shop is trustworthy, reliable, honest, and accurate.

Many people are interested in online shopping, and they explore the stores on the Internet. One such store in France and the United States, named, sells numerous items through their online website.

Jossec Reviews will help you to find if this shop is good for you or not. This article can check every detail regarding the trust score, contact information, and other useful details of this store. So, please stay connected.

Brief of Jossec shop

Jossec shop is an online shop where you can shop multiple garments and other clothing items just by sitting at home. If you are lazy and feel uncomfortable going out and shopping, this shop will take your tension away and provide home delivery. You can shop for items like:

  •   Men’s coat
  •   Comfort sweaters
  •   Casual shirt top
  •   Two-piece outfits
  •   Accessories, shoes

Is Jossec Legit? Before buying any item from this store, you must know if this site is trustworthy or not. Buyers can rely on any website only after knowing the legitimacy of the store. So, it is advised to all the shoppers who are planning to buy from an online site that they must check all the important details.

Features of Jossec shop

  •   Purchase bottom wear from
  •   Email id of Jossec shop: [email protected].
  •   Address of Jossec shop: Covent Garden, 71-75 Sheltron Street, WC2H, 9JQ, London, England.
  •   Contact number is not available on the layout of Jossec shop.
  •   There are no Jossec Reviews found on the items of this shop. Also, there are no details and reviews regarding this shop on the Internet.
  •   Return/refund policy
  •   You can claim the return within two weeks.
  •   Refunds will be allowed after inspection.
  •   Orders can be canceled before the shipment. After that, orders cannot be canceled.
  •   Shipping policy:
  •   Postal Shipping takes 15-20 days.
  •   Express Shipping takes 7-10 days.
  •   Visa, Master Card, and PayPal are some modes of payment accepted by this site.

Positive Highlights

  •   Free Shipping on orders above $69.
  •   Email and location are found.

Negative Highlights

  •   The phone number is not found.
  •   Reviews are not available.
  •   Social media pages are found, but no important details are found.
  •   Location and company name seem to be copied.

Is Jossec Legit?

Jossec shop sells many clothing items, but instead of getting tempted by the eye-catching items of this shop, you must look at the legitimacy of the shop. Legitimate details will guide you if this shop is safe to use or not. You can save yourself from all the fraudsters who are keeping an eye on your bank account details.

  •   Website registration date: April 19, 2021, is the site’s registration date. The site is very young, with not more than nine months of life expectancy.
  •   Registrar: Jossec Store’s registrar is NameSilo, LLC.
  •   Trust Score: Jossec shop got an 8 percent trust score. This unfavorable and unacceptable trust score shows that it is not a trustworthy site.
  •   Buyers’ opinion: There are no relevant Jossec Reviews available on the item. Furthermore, there are no reviews found on trusted websites on the Internet.
  •   Social media pages: Single page was found on Facebook, but that doesn’t have any important and useful details about this site.
  •   Data safety: The store uses a safe server to transfer the data online. It uses HTTPS protocol.
  •   Privacy policy: The privacy policy is mentioned separately, and policies like a refund, return, cancellation, Shipping are mentioned. The exchange policy is missing.
  •   Missing information: email and location, and company’s name is mentioned, but the phone number is not shown.
  •   Alexa Rank: Jossec shop is not too popular because of its poor ranking on Alexa.

Jossec Reviews

We found the email, company’s name, and location of this site. But, the phone number is not found. The company’s name is found to be copied along with the address. The store has a single page on Facebook, but no useful information is available. We found no reviews on the Internet and their collection also. This shop is not Trustworthy.