You probably heard about the “Kraken” lawsuit during the US election period. In this article, we have provided details about “Spyder”. People across the United States are curious about the claim that the spyder was a member of the Military. This created quite a stir in the country. You can read this news account for more information about Joshua Merritt Cybersecurity expert, and IT consultant. He was known as Sidney Powell’s Secret weapon.

Who’s Joshua Merritt,?

Joshua Merritt, also known by the “Spyder”, or “Spider”, a 43-year-old IT consultant from Dallas who testified for ex-US President Donald Trump. Sidney Powell, a legal counsellor, has attempted to keep his identity secret so that it does not contradict any counsel. Powell’s failure to counter Joe Biden’s triumph is further complicated by Joshua Merritt’s weakness to international damage record.

Joshua Merritt Cybersecurity The Kraken Lawsuit

Sidney Powell, Trump’s legal counsellor, documented in multiple courts assertions that, in light the declaration of a confidential observer codenamed Spyder that foreign forces for Joe Biden had undermined the November official electoral race. They are her “Kraken”, claims she calls them. According to Powell, Spyder is an official with military knowledge. The Post distinguishes Spyder as an IT advisor in Dallas and cybersecurity expert. Merritt also confirmed that he was the covert watcher. Keep reading for more information about Joshua Merritt Cybersecurity.

Merritt was in fact a wheeled-vehicle expert who chose knowledge preparation and ignored it. The Post was told by an Army representative that Merritt wasn’t a critic of experience. Merritt claimed that Powell’s revelations were misleading in depicting his work. In reference to Powell’s lack of proof, the government and state decided to remove Powell from the court.

The Fake Military Intelligence Expert

Sidney Powell and his team identified the subject witness as an intelligence specialist from the armed force, who provided clear evidence that the Presidential Elections’ computations were to blame. The Joshua Merritt Cybersecurity expert was called “Spyder” in order to avoid annoyance. A report by The Post revealed that Joshua Merritt, an auto mechanic in the army, was his real name. He was not involved with intelligence.


Spyder’s true identity is unknown. Merritt told The Post that he was a student at the 30th Battalion for over fifteen years. He understood that his claim to be a specialist was misleading. Further information can be found about Sidney Powell.

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