Joshua Jordan Harris, popularly called Josh Harris, is a prominent parent within the global of enterprise, philanthropy, and sports. Born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in December 1964, he boasts of an impressive adventure from reading economics on the Wharton School and incomes his MBA from Harvard Business School to co-founding one of the global’s largest non-public fairness corporations, Apollo Global Management.

How Did Josh Harris Amass His Fortune?

With a staggering net worth of over $6 billion, Harris is undoubtedly a financial heavyweight. His primary wealth generator has been Apollo Global Management, which he co-founded in 1990. As of June 2022, the company had a mind-boggling asset under management exceeding $515 billion. Josh Harris still holds a significant 6% stake in the firm, underscoring his business acumen and the magnitude of Apollo’s success.

What Sports Franchises Does Harris Own?

Harris is not just a business tycoon; he is likewise a sports fanatic and investor. In the early 2010s, he led investment companies that received the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA and the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. Harris’ passion for sports is further highlighted by his creation of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) in 2017, with David Blitzer, which supervises the 76ers, Devils, and other prominent brands.

Additionally, 2023 saw Harris making a historical mark. He inked a deal to buy the NFL’s Washington Commanders for an unparalleled $6.05 billion, setting a record for the highest sales transaction for any sports franchise.

Who Are the Other Key Stakeholders in the Washington Commanders Deal?

According to Forbes, Harris’ tentative agreement to buy the Washington Commanders involves an impressive consortium of 17 limited partners. Notably, Maryland’s billionaire Mitchell Rales is set to control a 12% stake, while the iconic NBA legend Magic Johnson would have a 4% ownership, given the deal reaches its conclusion.

How is Harris’ Philanthropic Side Reflected?

Josh Harris isn’t all business and sports; he has a notable philanthropic side too. In 2014, he founded the Harris Family Charitable Foundation, now referred to as Harris Philanthropies. Harris’ willpower to giving back is obvious from his beneficiant donations, like the $3.Five million pledge over five years to the Philadelphia Police Athletic League and a whopping $10 million present to the University of Pennsylvania.

Moreover, in August 2020, Harris donated $2 million to The Bridgespan Group to launch a leadership program for nonprofits serving Philadelphia.

Who Stands by Josh Harris’ Side?

Behind this successful man stands his wife, Marjorie Harris. A University of Michigan graduate with a B.A. in Political Science, Marjorie has actively served on the Board of the Sixers Youth Foundation. In 2020, she took on the role of Chair of the foundation. Together with Josh, she co-based Harris Philanthropies, channeling their resources and efforts to beautify the lives of underserved teens via sports activities and education.

The couple, who first crossed paths at Harvard Business School, now has a stunning circle of relatives with five kids – three sons and daughters. Anecdotes suggest that Harris’ affinity for Washington-based sports teams stems from his childhood, attributed to his father’s Washington Bullets season tickets.

In summary, Josh Harris’ life is an embodiment of business prowess, sports passion, and philanthropic dedication. From his early days in Maryland to acquiring global sports franchises and donating millions for noble causes, Harris continues to be an inspiration for many.