Did you hear about the recent news that an Australian survivor’s spouse was pregnant? Are you aware of the good news Josh brings back home? For more information, please read the following.

People from Australia are grateful and happy for the recent news that brought many tears to many tribes. Josh, who was facing many immunity challenges, had performed a miracle. His wife is now pregnant, according to the news.

This news outlines the current condition of Australia’s tribals, and also the news that Josh Australian Survivor is pregnant.

Josh Talk on Tribals

What’s the name of the tenth player to be enrolled in the blood fifth-water solo survival on the season of Australian survivor Josh Millgate? Josh, who was born in Melbourne, is 31 years old. He was a pilot in his late years and applied for the season blood V water 2022. He is still committed to the ranks.

Josh shares his survival skills and the experiences he has had to overcome. He is eager to win 5 lakh dollars, the grand prize. He has experienced all seasons and hardships during his discovery of the tribe world.

You can read below to learn more about the current situation of Josh Australian survivor wife!

Josh’s Wife Pregnancy Reveal

In Sunday’s last episode, Josh Millgate was a bit emotional after learning that his wife is pregnant. He received a letter from his home that revealed the pictures of the ultrasound. He immediately felt overwhelmed and burst into tears when he realized that he would soon be a father.

His wife wrote a note congratulating him on his success. She invited them along to the date. Josh says that Josh and his wife faced many hardships because of her health problems.

Josh Australian Survivorunderwent an IVF test and the results were positive.

Expected date for baby

They have plans for a brighter future after the IVF and ultrasound results came back positive. Saige, Saige’s wife, states in the letter that they have been advised by the doctor to announce the dates between May 2022 and May 2023. They expect the baby to arrive by the 22nd May 2022, based on their personal guess.

Saige also wants Josh to be there for the day. He should not have to return home too early because he has interrupted his Australian series of Survivor. Josh was emotional and declared the news to the series on Monday’s show.

Josh Australian Survivor Reaction

Josh and his friend use the gadget to make announcements during cast. You will receive a letter by the faculty during the Sunday show. He has pacified his fiance Saige’s pregnancy test. He began to cry after reading the letter and was very grateful.

He was even more excited when he announced the news about his wife’s miracle on Monday morning!


This newspaper concludes that the Australian Survivor 2022 cast has been experienced in many ways.

You can get an opinion about the participation of blood V-water contestants by coming in! Josh Australian Survivor has a wealth of knowledge in social strategy and executive physical games.