John J. Kirby: A Detailed Insight into His Role and Wealth John J. Kirby is a name that’s synonymous with financial expertise in the pharmaceutical world. John Kirby serves as Idera Pharmaceutical’s Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President. But who exactly is John Kirby and what exactly are his financial credentials? Let’s delve deeper.

Key Table

NameJohn J. Kirby
PositionCFO & Senior VP, Idera Pharmaceuticals
Net Worth (As of 17th Dec 2021)$643 Thousand
Annual Compensation$605,649
Major Stock Trade (Most Recent)10,000 units of IDRA stock, $6,200
Total Idera Stock Ownership37,632 units
Mailing Address505 Eagleview Blvd, Exton, PA 19341, USA
Company’s FocusImmunotherapy in Oncology & Rare Diseases

Who is John J. Kirby?

John J. Kirby, CPA, currently holds the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President at Idera Pharmaceuticals. He joined Idera in 2015 initially as the Vice President of Accounting. By July 2018, he climbed to the role of Vice President of Finance. Before joining Idera, Kirby held significant positions at renowned pharmaceutical companies like Endo Pharmaceuticals and ViroPharma Incorporated.

Kirby’s foundation in finance is rooted in his early career at KPMG, LLP. Later, he became Regional Audit Director at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. Equipped with his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Villanova University and being licensed CPA in Pennsylvania.

How Much is John J. Kirby Worth?

As of 17th December 2021, John J. Kirby’s estimated net worth stands at a commendable $643 thousand. This value is an aggregation of his Idera Pharmaceuticals stock ownership worth $16,182 and previous sales of IDRA stock amounting to $21,003 over the past five years.

Moreover, as Idera’s CFO and Senior VP, Kirby draws an annual compensation of $605,649. This makes him one of the top earners in the company, though there are three other executives, with Vincent Milano at the pinnacle, earning $1,337,220.

What’s the Extent of His Stock Trading?

Insider trading, particularly among executives, offers a glimpse into their confidence in the company. Since 2020, Kirby has made more than five trades involving Idera Pharmaceuticals stock, as recorded in the SEC Form 4. His most significant move to date was the purchase of 10,000 units of IDRA stock on 17th December 2021, valued at $6,200.

Presently, he owns at least 37,632 units of the company’s stock. If you’re keen on his complete trading history, it’s documented at the SEC.

Where Does John Kirby Reside?

If you’re thinking of reaching out to Kirby for a business proposition or consultation, his registered mailing address with the SEC is 505 Eagleview Blvd, Exton, PA 19341, USA.

What’s the Current Scenario of Insider Trading at Idera?

Over the span of 16 years, insiders at Idera Pharmaceuticals have engaged in trading worth $20,746,904 and have made purchases of 38,459,430 units amounting to $53,771,070. The trading frequency averages around every 43 days, with each trade valuing approximately $309,429.

What is Idera Pharmaceuticals’ Core Focus?

Idera Pharmaceuticals, leveraging pioneering research in immunotherapy and its extensive expertise, is steering its development program towards enhancing the immune system’s capability in combatting cancer. The ultimate aim is to make immunotherapy accessible to a larger patient base. Additionally, Idera persists in its endeavor to acquire, develop, and commercialize drug candidates targeting oncology and rare diseases with specific patient demographics and substantial unmet needs.

Note: All financial values and stock figures are based on the provided data as of 17th December 2021.

How Old is John Kirby?

Born 47 years ago, John J. Kirby has been an integral part of Idera Pharmaceuticals since 2019 in his current role as CFO and Senior VP. Within the hierarchy of the company, 17 executives are older than Kirby, making him relatively young in the top-tier leadership. The senior-most executive at Idera Pharmaceuticals is Dr. Sudhir Agrawal D.Phil., DPHIL, F.R.S.C., who, at 67, serves as the Scientific Advisor.

Who are the Active Insiders at Idera Pharmaceuticals?

While Kirby has been active in his trades, he isn’t the only one. Insiders, including Bros. Advisors Lp14159, L.P…, Bros. Advisors Lp Baker Bro…, and Invest Corp Pillar Pharmace…, have also been prominently involved in stock trades. These activities give us a glimpse into the company’s internal confidence and the direction in which insiders believe the company is headed.

Why is Idera Pharmaceuticals Significant in the Industry?

Idera Pharmaceuticals is not just another name in the pharmaceutical sector. It is a beacon of hope for many patients, especially those grappling with cancer and rare diseases. Harnessing early research methodologies in immunotherapy combined with their deep-rooted expertise in developing unique immunology platforms, Idera is a front-runner in making the immune system a formidable force against cancerous cells.

Their unwavering commitment to increase the beneficiaries of immunotherapy is commendable. Beyond cancer, Idera is also a champion for rare diseases, focusing on conditions that have specific patient demographics and a glaring gap in medical solutions.

What’s the Way Forward for Idera Pharmaceuticals and John Kirby?

While the past paints a picture of success and dedication, the future holds promise. With executives like John J. Kirby steering the financial ship, Idera Pharmaceuticals aims to further its research, expand its patient outreach, and continue its legacy of medical innovation. For Kirby, his ongoing stock trades and current holdings in the company signal his faith in Idera’s potential and future growth. As stakeholders, industry watchers, and patients keenly observe, Idera, with Kirby in its arsenal, is poised for impactful strides in the pharmaceutical realm.

In a world where pharmaceutical advancements directly translate to saving lives and improving the quality of life, executives like John J. Kirby play a pivotal role. His financial decisions, stock trades, and strategic moves not only shape the future of Idera Pharmaceuticals but also influence the direction of medical research and the hope it brings to countless individuals worldwide. As the landscape of medicine evolves, Kirby’s leadership and Idera’s innovations remain watch-worthy.