Joey Jordison (born Nathan Jonas Jordison on April 26th 1975), best known as co-founder and original drummer for Grammy Award-winning band Slipknot, was an influential figure in heavy metal music culture. His dynamic drumming style – marked by rapid double bass patterns with powerful rhythms – became one of its trademarks and has influenced generations of metal musicians worldwide.

From his early teens onward, Jordison displayed a passion for music that soon became clear. Playing various bands through his teenage years before eventually joining Slipknot in 1995 (one of the most renowned names in metal music), Jordison became involved in other projects beyond Slipknot including horror punk band Murderdolls and supergroup Scar the Martyr. Beyond being just a drummer; Jordison contributed as guitarist, songwriter, producer – making an enormous mark in musical history!

Despite his aggressive performance style, Jordison was known offstage for his kind nature and dedication to his craft. His influence extended beyond Slipknot’s music; he also impacted the band’s image, contributing to their aesthetic and the broader culture of metal music.

What Was Joey Jordison’s Cause of Death?

Joey Jordison passed peacefully in his sleep at age 46 on July 26, 2021, although initial reports did not detail a cause of his passing. It later transpired that Jordison had suffered from transverse myelitis – a neurological condition which previously compromised his drumming ability – which lead to pain, muscle weakness, paralysis or sensory problems.

Jordison overcame health challenges to remain engaged in music and perform. He worked on new projects, occasionally discussing his condition and its impact, and shared information about it with fans and fellow performers. His determination was inspiring to many who witnessed him play live shows even after receiving his diagnosis; many found encouragement in this resiliency and saw it as evidence of his passion and devotion for his craft.

How Did Joey Jordison Impact the Music Industry?

Joey Jordison had an extraordinary impact on the music industry, particularly within heavy metal and hard rock communities. His technical prowess and groundbreaking drumming techniques were universally admired and emulated by drummers worldwide. Jordison set new standards in metal drumming by pushing beyond what was believed possible on a drum kit.

With Slipknot, Jordison crafted some of the most intense and complex drum parts in modern metal, contributing to the band’s signature sound. His performances on albums like “Iowa” and “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)” are often cited as influential by other musicians. He was also recognized for his work outside of Slipknot, bringing his unique style to a variety of other musical endeavors and collaborations.

Jordison became an iconic image for heavy metal culture due to his position as a member of Slipknot, complete with his iconic mask and stage presence. He played an essential part in their development from early days in Iowa all the way to becoming one of the most notable metal bands worldwide.

What Will Joey Jordison Be Remembered For?

Joey Jordison will be remembered not only for his extraordinary musical abilities and contributions but also for his personal qualities–resilience, humility, and kindness. His legacy goes beyond aggressive beats and fiery performances; it includes his spirit of innovation, influence on future musicians, and sharing passion with fans worldwide.

Jordison’s legacy as a founding member of Slipknot is inextricable from their success, contributing to bring a whole new level of intensity and theatricality to metal, which will forever be linked with Jordison. His technical ability combined with his knack for writing catchy yet aggressive drum parts helped define nu-metal music as well as modern heavy music genres like nu metal.

After his passing, the music community–consisting of fans, fellow musicians, and industry figures–came together to remember him fondly and pay their respects. Tributes began pouring in from all corners of the globe highlighting not only his musical accomplishments but also the deep personal impact that he left upon those he touched personally.

Joey Jordison left an indelible mark on heavy metal music with his music, leaving behind an everlasting memory in many hearts and lives for decades to come. His contributions to the genre will continue to live on in their wake as musicians and fans continue to cherish his memory and reflect its importance in their own work and performances.