As you all realize, recovery is too difficult and tedious; with your help Joel g can concentrate more on these things! Each wedding causes them to do all the shorter activities.

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Would you be able to get credit for your next short film?

Sure, my comrade! If you swear by $ 5 or more, your full name will be included in the end credits of my next short film. Likewise, you will have access to WIP.

(If this is not too much of a problem, consider that when I am a few days after the lifetime transfer, it is difficult for me to add more people in the credits. If your name does not appear in this activity since you entered when it was measured. creation “, don’t stress! that’s because it will appear in the next that comes!)

Joel G.

Favourite character:

Ena is a humanoid female figure. Up to the stairs, the temptation of another figure had a double-colored body: one side is yellow and the other is blue. Her one side is low-poly and the left side of her face is smooth. The hair is varied and long on one side or the other.

Her two eyes are uniquely aligned, as one violin is a jewel and the other a semicircle. It is now yellowish and the eyes are semicircular. Ena on Joel G’s website has hair that looks like a hairstyle.

Her dress consists of a skirt and suspenders, a white shirt and cute socks: one thigh is high and the other is low.

What is her personality?

At this point, when she is unhappy, she starts to gain weight, cry almost uncontrollably, and thinks she is too idiotic to consider her busy. Referring to skeptical things or being in somewhat unpleasant circumstances is enough to turn it blue. Her emotional changes mean she is standing upright when her knees are usually twisted.

If her sense of character from Joel G’s website becomes too solid and Ena becomes disheartened, she will begin to humiliate herself. Her side in a split second takes control at any point it is tragic, potentially keeping her from exposing herself to real danger. At any point in time, Ena will apologize for her actions.

Final verdict

The first known production of Ena comes from a Joel G tweet with an animated GIF of Ena. Explaining that he created characters with strange shapes in the irrational, brilliant world of his psyche.

The tweet received positive praise and responded to the tweet with appreciation and potential for the arrangement and artistry of the ideas that Ena and Moony feature.

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