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Jody is a real estate agent , or a realtor. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was a part of a protest during New Years’ eve while everyone was at home. The rally was called “Hugs over Masks.’ After the incident, Jody Ledgerwood was asked to resign from her post.

Information about the incident

On New Years’ Eve on New Years’ Eve, the gathering called “Hugs over Masks’ was held. While many in Cobourg had a boring evening, Jody attended a partyand gathering held in Cobourg, Vancouver. The event was called NYE Freedom Dance Party (Rally). The party ran from 8 pm to 12:30 midnight. The dance party/rally was held in front of at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

There were no masks worn at the event. The event was an anti-lockdown, anti-Covid rule of thumb regarding gatherings, Ledgerwood stated. Jody was seen making threats to the camera in a video and many people were gathered around her.

Information About Jody Ledgerwood Jody Ledgerwood’s HTML2

Jody is from Cobourg, a town in Cobourg, Canada. She is an agent in real estate. Ledgerwood holds greater than 10 years experience in the real estate industry. She was the president of the Northumberland Association of Realtors. Additionally, Jody was former Director of Northumberland Players.

Following the NYE rally following the NYE rally incident, The Northumberland Association of Realtors directed Jody to quit her post. Jody was told to resign. Association did not offer her one chance to show her worthiness. They didn’t allow her to present any evidence and the Association advised her to quit.

After the incident at the party was over, she faced many adversities. Jody Ledgerwood was a target of harsh criticism from social media users and from people in her circle.

Other Information

Jody always followed and respected the guidelines on Covid-19 laid in the Association. The professional she is and she is aware of the significance of Covid-19. According to the discussion that she participated in the rally, it was an affair that was personal to her. It was not related to anything to have anything to do with her professional career.

The scandal was made public after she uploaded videos of the freedom celebration via her personal social networks. Numerous media organizations approached her to conduct interviews. However, she refused, since her personal life counts as a subject that needs to be publicized according to Jody Ledgerwood.

Furthermore The Northumberland Association of Realtors also chose not to make explicit statements. The officials of the Association did not participate in interviews. The only official statement made said that they will conduct themselves with the highest regard for their Association as well as its membership.


It was a personal affairthat adversely affected her professional career. People often have differing opinions both as individuals and professionals. In conclusion, all is entitled to the right to explain their opinion.

If you’d like to learn the details about Jody as well as her current professional achievements visit her profile here.

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