Have you visited The Fossil Last Stand restaurant? Are you planning to visit there? An incident that occurred recently left many in a state of confusion about the atmosphere at the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant made a comment to the driver of the car that he was not happy with and demanded that she get out. Citizens from many nations like that of the United Statesare searching for reviews about Fossil Last Stand.

Find out all the details of the incident as well as Fossils’s Last Standing Review.

Fossils Last Stand latest reviews

There are a lot of mixed reviews regarding the restaurant on internet websites. There were some positive reviews of Fossils Last Stand However, reviews about the restaurant were mostly filled with negative comments following the incident. A viral video was posted on social media, in which one woman, Jakie, said to an auto driver that she is similar to the White man.

Driver Bode requested that she repeat. Jakie repeatedher words, saying “He is like a normal man like he speaks English”. The woman tried to come to an understanding and apologize, but Bode advised her to get from the vehicle. After that, a small argument broke out between Bode and her. It was later discovered she was owner of Fossils’ last Stand Pennsylvania.

About Fossils Last Stand

Fossils The Last Stand restaurant is located within Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. It is among the top restaurants in the region. There are some favorable reviews, but there are more negative ones on dating websites. The restaurant serves breakfast lunch, dinner and breakfast. Here are some information concerning the dining establishment.

  • Location: 429 Race St, Catasauqua, PA 18032-1111
  • Contact number: +1 610-443-812.
  • Timing: Sunday, Monday- 11:00am to 12:00am, Tuesday to Friday- 7:00am – 2:00am, Sat: 9am-2:00am.

The reviews of some websites are now closed because of the recent incident. They have temporarily stopped the publishing of reviews.

Fossils Last Stand Review

The latest reviews on the website are very negative. Because of the incident that occurred between the taxi driver and restaurant’s manager, this restaurant was hit with lots of negative reviews from public. Commentaries are filled with hatred and phrases like racists are being used against the restaurant’s owners. The argument grew worse towards the close.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by James W. Bode, the Lyft driver. It became a viral hit on various sites on social media. People are venting their anger and opinions about both sides. According to Fossils’s Last Stand Review The current reviews aren’t positive. The reviews are available in Yelp. Yelp website. The reviews ranged between five and one star on Yelp. Videos that are viral can be seen on websites or the social networks.


The article will present the most recent reviews of The Fossils Last Stand restaurant. The owner of the restaurant was accused for expressing offensive remarks to the driver of the car. The restaurant is facing a lot of criticism from various nations.