Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews refers to the Texas real estate agent who was recently arrested for her part in the riot at the Capitol. If you don’t know, during the US Capitol event, people stormed the US Capitol building in protest. Several lives were lost during this riot, and this event led to the impeachment of Donald Trump. Read on for more information.

If you want to learn more about her and the reasons behind her arrest, we recommend that you keep reading this article as we’ll tell you everything. The news of her arrest has gained a lot of popularity in the United States and some other countries.

Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews: Who is Jenna Ryan?

Jenna Ryan is a real estate agent or broker who is from Texas. She was one of those arrested for their part in the riot in the Capitol. She came to Washington DC specifically to participate in this march.

She was one of the people who broke into the building. She is also a life coach and has her own business. She is also a radio host where she expresses her political views.

What has she done?

• Breaking into the Capitol without any permission in the United States is a crime in itself, and she was arrested for this.

• A video of her breaking into the building is circulating online.

• You can find many videos of her in the building and shout out different chants.

• She was seen shouting, hurling insulting hate speech into the building and recording her activities in a video.

• Her social media account contains proof of her participation in this event.

• Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews tell us that even before this event, she announced her intention to storm the building on social media.

• She was seen saying that the storming of the Capitol reminded everyone that the people own this building.

• She constantly uses social media to make statements about her participation in this protest.

How has she responded?

• She claimed she went to Washington, DC at the request of a friend to witness the march.

• She further stated that she did not expect the march to become so violent and expressed disappointment at the loss of life.

• She also said that hatred or violence would not solve anything and that peace should prevail.

• Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews tell us that she recently stated that she deserves a pardon for her arrest for only following orders from the president of her country.

Final verdict

The Capitol riots were a disappointing event for the entire country. This event saw a lot of violence, in which people lost their lives. Several people were arrested for participating in this riot; Jenna Ryan is one of them. All additional crucial information is available above; look at it.

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