Listed below are some tips to help you come up with a good startup business idea. Don’t be generic – focus on solving a real problem. Create a prototype and seek investors. There are also low-cost startup business ideas that gurus like Jeff Lerner mention, such as a service or a digital product. Follow these ideas for your next startup and see if it makes sense for you to pursue it. And remember to stay away from being generic – this can lead to a disaster!

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Build a prototype

The key to success in any business venture is to have a working prototype. This is the three-dimensional version of your product vision. If you don’t know how to create this yourself, you can ask a friend or a student at a nearby industrial design school for help. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, universities often have faculty who specialize in the key technologies for your business idea.

A prototype can be used to validate the idea and help attract investors. It can also help to build credibility among key stakeholders, including potential employees and customers. Now, one article wrote about Jeff and mentioned that it is a very inexpensive way to validate your product and get feedback from real users. It’s recommended that you spend less than one tenth of your final commercialization costs on the prototype. Furthermore, it is a great way to get feedback from potential customers and investors early on in the process.

A prototype can take many forms. Some prototypes are just simple wireframes of the final product, while others are high-fidelity models of the actual product. Whichever type of prototype you choose, it is important to keep in mind that the final product should be functional and accurate, so don’t rush it. Another article spoke with Jeff and they mentioned that prototype testing should be conducted frequently, during and after the launch of the product. If you do the latter, you’ll know whether you’ve achieved the desired outcome and if your business idea has potential to succeed.

Prototyping is a very important step in the startup process. It is crucial for any new business venture to get the feedback of consumers and establish a presence in the market. By creating a prototype of a product, you’ll be able to ensure that the product meets expectations and that it’s a viable solution for your customers. In fact, a prototype is the simplest way to validate a new product or service concept.

Solve a problem

The best way to generate startup business ideas is to focus on problems that people are facing in their daily life. The problem you are trying to solve can be a problem for many people and companies. It doesn’t require any special techniques or research. Simply pay attention to problems you encounter and write them down. You can also ask your friends about their problems if you want to learn more about potential business opportunities. The problem that you are trying to solve can easily be improved if you have the right resources and the right idea.

Find investors

There are a few ways to find investors for your startup business idea. First, enlist the help of friends and family. A family member may be able to invest more money than an investor who needs a loan. Unlike a loan, a family member will only receive their money if your business is profitable. Before approaching your family member, make sure you have a good pitch. Explain the risks of investing in your business and the potential for profit.

Another way to attract investors is by attending pitch events. There are many networking events where startups can present their ideas to potential investors. Pitch events are a great way to connect with venture capitalists and private equity firms. Find out what pitch events are being held in your area and try to attend a few. This networking opportunity will be worth it! You can also do a simple Google search for investors in your field. You’ll be able to see which ones have an interest in your idea.

Investors are in it to make money, so make sure your business idea can prove profitability. If it can show profit, you’re about 90% there. However, you still have to woo your prospective investors. Keep in mind that every investor has a different criteria and pain points, so your pitch has to appeal to their unique set of criteria. Some investors are gut-based while others are strictly numbers-driven. Be prepared to pitch your ideas in multiple pitches.

If your startup idea is local, try networking with investors in your area. Your community chamber of commerce meetings and other fundraisers will give you the contacts you need. You can also try online networks like, Crunchbase, and AngelList. Each of these networks has specific investors for specific types of businesses, including tech startup ideas. You can find investors through any of these channels, and there are many ways to find investors for your startup business idea.

Attract employees

In order to attract employees, you must first sell yourself to the people you are trying to hire. Your sales pitch should be so compelling that people can’t help sharing your job offer. Remember, selling is the most important skill you will learn throughout your life. You must sell yourself and your products or services, as well as your company’s values and culture to prospective employees. You must sell yourself to the people you meet through your job postings, which will ultimately result in more offers.

Recruiting a good employee can be challenging if you are in an industry with plenty of competitors, or if you’re in a physically demanding field. Fortunately, there are a variety of creative ways to attract potential employees and make your startup a desirable place to work. A good employee benefit is pay. Offering a competitive wage will encourage employees to stick around and work hard, which will result in a higher quality of work.

It’s important to hire employees who can adapt to changing environments and thrive in a startup environment. Startup employees aren’t yet trained to fill every role. This means that they may fill multiple roles, helping to solve different problems within the business. But beware, though: it can be easy to overwork and burn out multi-role employees. To avoid this problem, you should offer a flexible schedule, such as an occasional weekend or evening shift.

When it comes to recruiting, startup owners must focus on the attitude and culture of their company. A startup is a new company and will likely have to compete with big corporations for top talent. However, many Jeff Lerner reviews mention that it is worth the effort to find top talent without paying exorbitant salaries and benefits. If you can recruit rock stars, your business will advance much more quickly. It may even be possible to hire rock-star employees at a low salary and with minimal benefits.