James Clive’s views on cultural Amnesia, totalitarianism have been widely shared. He was a writer, critic and TV anchor who died in 2019. However, his work is still highly sought after. The CBC Radio of Canada rebroadcast the conversation with Eleanor on 26 August 2022. This talk was originally telecasted back in 2008.

His views about cultural amnesia can provide a valuable tool for understanding the world’s current circumstances. James Clive Obituary has written about the writer’s personal and professional life as well his view on cultural memory.

James Clive, Death:

Clive James was a broadcaster and writer from Australia who died in 2019 aged 80. Clive James was diagnosed in 2010 with leukemia. In the following year, he succumbed to kidney disease. Although the event had a major impact on his life, he carried on his work and entertained his audience using his amazing comic sense.

According to his agent he experienced all the pain and suffering that comes with age, eventually forcing him to stop writing. He put down his pen one month prior to his death and battled the disease for ten decades.

Clive James Quotes

His writings and quotes are still very much in demand among his audience. One portal updated his 120 quotes recently, and offered them to the public. Below are some of his most well-known quotes.

  1. Be calm, no one will ever be able to escape this world alive.
  2. A sense of humor can be found in common-sense dancing.
  3. People are unique, just like the rest of us.
  4. He said in one sentence that a good lifestyle score is better than fame for people.
  5. A Bible education without education is an education.
  6. Clive Jameson teaching Remembering how you learned is key to effective learning.”
  7. It is not wise to trust someone who hasn’t heard Mahler yet.
  8. “I saw, I came. I copied. Canadian version by Julius Caesar of memoirs
  9. Generally, it is our failures which civilize us. Triumph confirms our habits.

CBC Radio podcast of Clive James

Eleanor Wachtel (writer and company host) discusses the author’s book Cultural Amnesia. The show was originally broadcast in 2008 on CBC radio. It was re-telecast on 26 August 2022 after public demand.

James Clive Obituary – his views about Cultural Amnesia:

He has a unique perspective on how important culture is in today’s society. He says that culture unites us, and people are able to see this in times of need. The writer also states that there is always one race, civilization or barbarism. He says culture binds us all together, and helps us understand how far humanity has come in evolution.

Final verdict

James Clive’s words and teachings can be applied to any society. It gives us a fresh perspective on life. James Clive Obituary believes that James Clive’s views and quote on life will be inspirational to people of all ages.